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Octopus - Assorted
(Octopus sp.)
Starting at $79.99
…lighting. The Octopus can be surprisingly strong, so in the home aquarium, it is best to anchor the rocks, or even glue them together to keep the Octopus from toppling the rocks into the glass or onto itself. Cover all tank openings very well or it will try to escape. The Octopus is sensitive to…
Atlantic Pygmy Octopus
(Octopus joubini)
Starting at $59.99
The Atlantic Pygmy Octopus is also known as the Dwarf Octopus, and is covered with chromatophores that allow it to change colors quickly to mimic its surroundings. Unlike most animals, the Octopus has a rectangular pupil. It usually comes out at dusk to feed on small invertebrates or small sleeping…
Black Edge Moray Eel
(Gymnothorax saxicola)
Starting at $59.99
…just about anything that it can catch and fit into its mouth, including fish and invertebrates.The Black Edge Moray Eel's diet consists of live feeder fish, squid, and octopus, and may eat the other fish in the aquarium.Approximate Purchase Size: Small 8" to 12" Medium 12" to 16" Large 16" to 24"
Tessalata Eel
(Gymnothorax favagineus)
Starting at $179.99
…hiding and a secure, tight-fitting lid to discourage its escape. The Tessalata Eel's diet should include sizeable portions of live feeder fish, octopus, and squid. The Tessalate Eel may be kept in a reef aquarium, but will eat smaller fish and cephlapods.Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 6" to 10";…
Fire Coral Eel
(Gymnothorax miliaris)
Starting at $189.99
…eat just about anything that it can catch and fit into its mouth, including fish and invertebrates.The Fire Coral Eel's diet consists of live feeder fish, squid, and octopus, and may eat the other fish in the aquarium.Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 5" to 7" Medium: 7" to 12" Large: 12" to 17"
Frogspawn Coral, Thin Branched
(Euphyllia divisa)
Starting at $129.99
The Frogspawn Coral is a large polyp stony coral (LPS) often referred to as the Wall, Octopus, Grape, or Honey Coral. Its polyps remain visible throughout both the day and night, resembling a mass of fish eggs or frog eggs, hence one of its common names Frogspawn. Its coloration is green or brown to…
Reef Octopus Classic SSS Internal Protein Skimmers
Starting at $234.99
…cleaning. Constructed of high-quality acrylic.Reef Octopus Classic SSS Internal Protein Skimmers are designed for in-sump use only.SpecificationsClassic 110 SSS (Mfg# CLSC-110SS)Dimensions: 6.1" x 7.87" x 19.7" highBody Diameter: 5"Powered by: Reef Octopus Aquatrance 1000s Pinwheel PumpRecommended…
GloFish® Color-Changing Octopus
Starting at $9.99
…Color-Changing Octopus. It's an eye-catching decorative piece that shifts color depending on the type of light it's exposed to. Under a blue light, the tentacles turn a bright purple under a blue light, while its head glows a dark green.Then when under a black light, the Octopus's head turns a…
Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers
Starting at $174.99
Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers offer marine aquariums without a sump-style filter a much-needed boost in achieving higher water quality - even if space limited! Slim, low profile skimmer measure just 4" deep, requiring less space for convenient installation behind your aquarium.Reef Octopus
Omega One Garlic Marine Pellets - Large Sinking
Starting at $16.99
…Ingredients: Whole Herring, Whole Salmon, Halibut, Black Cod, Seafood Mix (Including Krill, Rockfish, Shrimp, Squid, Clams, Salmon Eggs, and Octopus), Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Fresh Kelp, Spirulina, Garlic, Lecithin, Astaxanthin, L-Ascorbyl-2-Phosphate (source of Vitamin C), Natural and Artificial…
Rogger's Complete Blend Reef Food
Starting at $19.99
…added aloe vera, copepods and Selcon to boost nutrient content. Packed with protein-rich ocean delicacies including wild-caught shrimp, squid, octopus, clam, and mussels PLUS fresh-pressed garlic to stimulate appetite. Your fish, invertebrates and corals receive the natural flavors they crave…
Reef Octopus Pinwheel In-Sump Skimmer
Starting at $199.99
…aquarium water. Reef Octopus Pinwheel In Sump Skimmer boasts a modified half cone design that allows greater foamate stabilization and collection. In other words, efficient removal of dissolved organic waste that compromises aquarium water quality and clarity!Reef Octopus Pinwheel In Sump Skimmer…
Vegi Clips
Starting at $2.11
* Feed your herbivorous fish what they crave * Suction-mounted feeder secures veggies in place * Durable plastic construction safe for fresh and saltwater use Fantastic for feeding herbivores. Large suction cup secures Vegi Clips to aquarium glass for quick and easy access during feeding. Sea…
Marineland Silk Plant "C" Multi-Packs
Starting at $8.99
…are approximate. Multi-Pack Contents C4 7" Mermaid Weed, 8" Adventitious Ozelot, 10" Amazon Sword, 14" Dragon Flame C3 7" Dragon Flame, 12" Octopus Plant, 7" Stargrass, 10" Stargrass To install: Rinse plant under warm water before placement.To create visual depth in your aquarium, place taller…
Reef Octopus Recirculating Skimmer
Starting at $254.99
…Reef Octopus Recirculating Skimmer is powered by Hailea OTP pumps featuring a high performance venturi air injection system and pinwheel impeller. Improved pump performance generates an enormous amount of waste-removing micro-bubbles to maintain clean clear aquarium water.Reef Octopus Recirculating…