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Omnivore Food

300 products
Fiddler Crab
(Uca sp.)
Starting at $3.99
…searching for food or when the male Fiddler Crabs are trying to attract a mate. The male has a large brightly colored claw it uses to "call" or signal females. The female Fiddler Crab has two small claws.The Fiddler Crab is an omnivore that will eat commercially prepared flaked foods and algae as…
Drs. Foster & Smith Marine Omnivore Flakesfor Marine Fish including Clownfish & Marine Angelfish
Starting at $2.99
…for all omnivorous marine aquarium fish*Diverse quality ingredients support superior marine fish growth*Made in the USA to ensure optimal quality & aquarium fish nutritionHighly palatable flakes deliver premium daily nutrition for all marine fish. Drs. Foster and Smith Marine Omnivore Flakes feature…
Blue & Pink Sea Star
(Astropecten sp.)
Starting at $19.99
…aerate large amounts of sand as it burrows into and searches through the substrate for food. These peaceful omnivores are a great addition to reef aquariums. They will consume detritus and left over food. Like other starfish, this member of the Astropectinidae family also consumes small…
Cobalt Aquatics Spirulina Premium Fish Food
Starting at $5.99
*Premium spirulina algae flake or pellet food for freshwater and saltwater fish*Probiotic-enhanced spirulina flakes or pellets improve digestion for less waste*Tasty vegetable nutrition supports aquarium fish health, color and digestionHerbivore and omnivore nutrition enhanced with probiotics means…
Black Phantom Delta Guppy (Pair)
(Poecilia reticulata)
Starting at $5.99
…without the breeding box. The fry should be fed brine shrimp, micro food and pulverized flakes.The Black Phantom Delta Guppy is an omnivore and requires both algae-based foods as well as meaty foods. An algae-based flake food, along with freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp will…
Japanese Trapdoor Snail (Pond)
(Viviparus malleattus)
Starting at $3.99
…but are usually brown/gray coloration.Viviparus malleatus is an omnivore that will consume algae (managing it and providing crystal clear water and healthy fish), plant matter, vegetables, fish food, frozen foods, and live foods. The Japanese Trapdoor Snail is a very peaceful animal and should…
Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Frozen Food
Starting at $6.99
food Offer your aquarium herbivores and omnivores the nutrition they deserve. Extra algae PLUS fresh seafood ingredients make Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Frozen Food an irresistible gourmet food for herbivorous and omnivorous marine fish. It's excellent for most herbivorous as well as omnivorous
Saki-Hikari® Marine Carnivore Pellet Food
Starting at $3.89
…*Contains carefully selected marine proteins that most carnivorous and omnivorous marine fish will love*Rapidly hydrating, easy-to-swallow pellet has a unique texture fish respond to The Saki-Hikari Marine Carnivore Pellet Food features a special probiotic called Hikari-Germ. This unique, living…
Saki-Hikari® Marine Herbivore Pellet Food
Starting at $5.14
…fish that just came off the reef*Rapidly hydrating, easy-to-swallow pellet has a unique texture fish love The Saki-Hikari Marine Herbivore Pellet Food features a special probiotic called Hikari-Germ. This unique, living micro-organism couples with a carefully selected ingredient mix to provide a…
Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Plus Frozen Food
Starting at $6.99
…value of a natural diet to support vibrant coloration and overall good health * An excellent frozen food choice for reef aquariums USA-made frozen fish food for all carnivorous and omnivorous tropical fish and invertebrates combines brine shrimp with a nutritious blend of seafood, plankton,…
Cobalt Aquatics Mysis Shrimp Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $5.39
…response from finicky aquarium fish like seahorsesPremium frozen fish food offers irresistible natural nutrition to aquarium fish. Cobalt Aquatics Mysis Shrimp Frozen Fish Food is the perfect food for freshwater and marine omnivores and carnivores. Enticing natural flavor, texture, and shape elicit…
Ocean Nutrition Frozen Brine Shrimp Fish Food
Starting at $4.99
…slowly release whole brine shrimp that appear to come alive in your aquarium. Ocean Nutrition Frozen Brine Shrimp Fish Food is a great frozen fish food option for all omnivorous and carnivorous fish (freshwater and saltwater), including discus, platys, angels, tetras, barbs, catfish, swords,…
Ocean Nutrition Formula Two RDF Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $4.99
…frozen food formulated to maximize fish nutrition* Rapid Delivery Formulation contains bite-size pieces with extra algae* Helps encourage natural feeding response in herbivorous and omnivorous marine fishesInnovative frozen fish food delivers a gourmet diet for herbivorous and omnivorous saltwater…
Ocean Nutrition Formula One RDF Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $4.99
…Formula One RDF Frozen Fish Food effectively delivers uniform-size pieces of food where most marine fish normally feed to initiate feeding response and maximize nutrition. This tempting, easy-to-feed frozen fish food is ideal for most carnivorous or omnivorous saltwater fish including: Anthias,…
Cobalt Aquatics Marine Omni Cubes Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $6.29
…Frozen aquarium fish food for premium marine omnivore nutrition* Plankton, seafood, seaweed & more add variety to aquarium fish diet* Smaller particle size suitable for aquarium corals and invertebratesQuality blend of premium ingredients ensure varied nutrition for marine omnivores. Cobalt Aquatics…