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Ora Blenny

7 products
Kamohara Blenny, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Meiacanthus kamoharai)
Starting at $29.99
…of its body, the ORA® Captive-Bred Kamohara Blenny is truly a delight lending sophisticated beauty and energetic activity to any community reef aquarium.Originally found in the shallow waters off the subtropical, southern coasts of Japan, the ORA® Captive-Bred Kamohara Blenny are robust fish capable…
Blackline Blenny, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Meiacanthus nigrolineatus)
Starting at $26.99
…peaceful species. Originally found in the Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean, the ORA® Captive-Bred Blackline Blenny will easily find itself at home in the community reef aquarium.The ORA Captive-Bred Blackline Blenny requires a 30-gallon or larger aquarium with ample rockwork to thrive. The live rock…
Canary Blenny, Captive-Bred, ORA®
(Meiacanthus oualanensis)
Starting at $26.99
The ORA® Captive-Bred Canary Blenny is also known as the Oualan Forktail Blenny, or Canary Fang Blenny. The ORA® Captive-Bred Canary Blenny is aptly named, being a solid vibrant yellow. Males are generally larger than females and experience a succession of color changes when breeding.This blenny
Bundoon Blenny, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Meiacanthus bundoon)
Starting at $26.99
The ORA® Captive-Bred Bundoon Blenny originates from the tropical waters of Fiji and Tonga. This fang blenny displays a brilliant emerald head which transitions to a vibrant yellow stripe running the length of its body. The ORA® Bundoon Blenny s tail has long streamers that are most prevalent in…
Smith's Blenny, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Meiacanthus smithii)
Starting at $26.99
The ORA® Captive-Bred Smith's Blenny is also referred to as White's Blenny, White Blenny, Smith's Fang Blenny or Disco Blenny. Its body is mostly blue with a black stripe, which starts at the chin and runs through the eyes and down the dorsal fin.It tends to do well in an aquarium if provided with…
Harptail Blenny, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Meiacanthus mossambicus)
Starting at $26.99
Blennies are passive fish rarely bothering other tankmates. This species has the ability to bite the inside of a predator's mouth with its venomous fangs when ingested. The predator will then spit the small fish out of its mouth with no harm done to the blenny.The ORA Captive-Bred Harptail Blenny
Striped Blenny, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Meiacanthus grammistes)
Starting at $26.99
The ORA® Captive-Bred Striped Blenny is also referred to as Gammistes Blenny, Striped Fang Blenny, or Striped Poison-Fang Blenny. The Striped Blenny ranges from the Western Pacific from Indochina to Papua New Guinea, north to the Ryukyu Islands and south to Australia. It has alternating black and…