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Orange Coral

162 products
Bee Sponge
(Acanthella sp.)
Starting at $39.99
Originating from the Indian Ocean, the Bee Sponge is also known as the Spiny Sponge. They are a beautiful bright orange coloration and have many short branches that come to a sharp point. The Bee Sponge will typically grow in a clustered configuration. They are relatively difficult to maintain, but…
Tube Coral, Orange
(Tubastrea aurea)
Starting at $69.99
The Tubastrea Orange Tube Coral is a large polyp stony coral, and may be referred to as the Orange Cup Coral. Its genus name, Tubastraea, is derived from the Latin words tubus (tube) and astron (star), describing its skeletal structure which is tubular, with stars at the tip of each tube. The center…
Reverse Superman Montipora Coral, Aquacultured
(Montipora monasteriata)
Starting at $39.99
Our Aquacultured Reverse Superman Montipora Coral is a reverse coloration of the extremely-popular Superman Montipora, and propagated here at our Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility! This eye-catching aquacultured variety sports a vibrant pink, orange and red scrolling body color accentuated by a…
Setosa Montipora Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Montipora setosa)
Starting at $35.99
Coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral often referred to as Velvet Branch, or Velvet Finger Coral. Montipora Corals come in a vast variety of forms and colors, but this variety is orange but can appear pink when illuminated under very intense lighting. This Aquacultured Setosa Montipora Coral is a…
Flower Tree Coral - Red / Orange
(Umbellulifera sp.)
Starting at $59.99
The Red/Orange Flower Tree Coral is also referred to as the Scleronephthya Strawberry Coral, or Pink or Orange Cauliflower Coral. It closely resembles members of the Dendronephthya genus, and is somewhat easier to maintain. The stalks, branches, and tips of this coral tend to be various shades of…
Red Finger Gorgonian
(Diodogorgia nodulifera)
Starting at $39.99
The Red Finger Gorgonian is also referred to as Red Tree Gorgonian, or Colorful Sea Rod. An attractive branching tree-like coral, it is extremely brittle and breaks easily, making it easy to propagate in this way. It basically is available in two color variations being bright orange-yellow with red…
Brain Coral, Lobophyllia
(Lobophyllia hemprichii)
Starting at $44.99
…Open Brain Coral, Meat Coral, Modern Coral, or Large Flower Coral. It has fleshy polyps that hide its calcareous skeleton. It is found in a variety of textures and color forms. Some are smooth, while others are pimply, and look like carpet. Colors vary from bright red, green, orange, gray, tan, or…
Colony Polyp, Ring of Fire
(Zoanthus sp.)
Starting at $59.99
…Zoanthus Colony Polyp. The center coloration of chartreuse is ringed with a contrasting bright green surrounded by flame orange tentacles. The colonial nature of the polyp corals creates an impressive flush of color that is visually stimulating yet pleasantly harmonious. Over time, an established…
Orange Guttatus Birdsnest Coral, Aquacultured
(Seriatopora guttatus)
Starting at $29.99
…feature of this species.The Orange Guttatus Birdsnest Coral, unlike most other Seriatopora gutattus corals, have rounded tips and are very fast growing. It is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral with very delicate, thin branches. The Orange Guttatus Birdsnest Coral requires both moderate lighting…
Orange Tree Gorgonian
(Swiftia exserta)
Starting at $49.99
The Orange Tree Gorgonian is also referred to as the Orange Sea Fan or Orange Tree coral. It is orange in color and has loose branches forming a fan shape with large red or orange polyps. This Sea Fan will make a great showpiece or centerpiece to any reef aquarium. The Orange Tree Gorgonian is…
Super Orange Leptoseris Coral, Aquacultured
(Leptoseris sp.)
Starting at $39.99
…at the LiveAquaria® Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility, the Aquacultured Super Orange Leptoseris Coral adds marvelous visual interest to the reef display injecting vibrant color and dynamic structure. This species grows either in an encrusting or tiered fashion with an orange coloration. Under the…
Red Candy Cap Coral, Aquacultured
(Montipora capricornis)
Starting at $29.99
…Montipora capricornis is a variety of small polyp stony (SPS) coral often referred to as Vase Coral. Montipora corals come in a variety of forms and colors, but this variety is a nice red to orange coloration. The Montipora capricornis coral's usual growth form is either plating or vase-like. The…
Squamosa Clam, Aquacultured
(Tridacna squamosa)
Starting at $49.99
…among live and dead stony corals of the genus Acropora at depths up to 50 feet. All of these clams entering the aquarium trade are cultured in the Central Pacific and South Pacific Ocean, and are primarily gold, brown, and yellow in coloration, occasionally having orange, green, or blue spots. The…
Derasa Clam, Tiger Striped, Aquacultured
(Tridacna derasa)
Starting at $59.99
…hinged shell. Tridacna derasa have a broad range in the wild and are found in the Indo-Pacific, Central Pacific and South Pacific as well as the Coral Sea. They occupy outer reef habitats on both sandy and hard packed substrates, and can be found either solitary or in small aggregations at depths…
Colony Polyp, Orange Spot
(Zoanthus sp.)
Starting at $44.99
The Orange Spot Colony Polyp Coral, also referred to as a Sea Mat, or Button Polyp, originates from the reefs of Indonesia. They are a colonial coral that under the right conditions will rapidly spread across the rockwork of the aquarium. This variety of Zoanthus has bright orange centers and green…