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Orange Lined Triggerfish

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Undulate Triggerfish
(Balistapus undulatus)
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The Undulate Triggerfish, also known as the Orangelined Triggerfish or Orangetailed Triggerfish, has an attractive, emerald-green body with yellow-orange vertical stripes.A 180 gallon or larger aquarium with large pieces of rock to form caves is ideal. It will rearrange the aquarium landscaping and…
Hydor AQAMAI KPS WI-FI Controllable Wavemaker
Starting at $119.99
…System (DMSS) and place them on the clean glass. Install cable protector wrapping around wave pump cable. This protects the pump cable from triggerfish, urchins, and other animals that may damage pump cable.Attach the AQAMAI pump and adjust it as desired.If needed, apply adhesive cable clips on…