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Orange Sponge Coral

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8 products
Bee Sponge
(Acanthella sp.)
Starting at $39.99
…rock and corals for the sponge to feed upon. They should be placed out of the direct light, and algae or cyanobacteria should never be allowed to settle in the crevices of the sponge. A moderate, indirect water current will aid in keeping the sponge free of debris. Never allow the Bee Sponge to be…
Orange Sea Star
(Echinaster sp.)
Starting at $29.99
…prefers a sandy, coral rubble substrate, or, especially live rock with algae. It moves over the surface, eating the small microbes and other bits of common detritus. A larger specimen could be harmful to clams, sponges, and small anemones in the reef aquarium. The Orange Sea Star is very intolerant…
Azoo Real Plant Artificial Anubias - Orange
Starting at $2.79
…appearanceTransform empty or tired-looking aquariums into a lush and attractive display with minimal effort. Azoo Real Plant Artificial Anubias - Orange aquarium plant replica boasts vibrant coloration that beautifully complements brightly colored tropical fish. Attractive flexible fabric leaves add…
Azoo Real Plant Artificial Cryptocoryne bullosa - Orange
Starting at $2.79
…empty or tired-looking aquariums into a lush and attractive display with minimal effort. Azoo Real Plant Artificial Cryptocoryne bullosa - Orange aquarium plant replica injects bold, vibrant coloration for eye-catching aquarium environments that beautifully complement brightly colored…
Regal Angelfish
(Pygoplites diacanthus)
Starting at $399.99
…vertical striations of blue, white, yellow, or orange on the body and pelvic fin, the Regal Angelfish deserves this distinctive name. Regal Angelfish from the Maldives and the Red Sea have a distinctive yellow breast, where their Indo-Pacific, Coral Sea, Vanuatu and Tahitian relatives normally have…
Passer Angelfish
(Holacanthus passer)
Starting at $549.99
…and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles, so it is not a good candidate for a reef aquarium.The diet of the Passer Angelfish should include vegetable matter such as Spirulina, marine algae, meaty items, and high-quality angelfish preparations which include sponges. Feed at least…
Golden Angelfish
(Centropyge aurantia)
Starting at $129.99
…aquarium, caution should be used if there is an abundance of LPS and SPS coral in the tank. This species has been known to nip at these corals as well as Xenia corals. In most cases the fish will not damage these corals, but rather just irritate them.The Golden Angel, like other dwarf angels, are…
Chestnut Cowrie
(Cypraea spp.)
Starting at $7.99
…or resting on soft corals, and at night it forages for food. An aquarium with live rock provides a good environment where it can graze on algae and diatoms growing there. Although mainly herbivorous, when it becomes larger, it may try and feed on sponges and soft corals. If there is insufficient…