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Ornate Bichir, Captive-Bred
(Polypterus ornatipinnis)
Starting at $39.99
…family, the Ornate Bichir has the unique ability to survive out of water. With a lung-like paired swimbladder and gills to help breathing, the Ornate Bichir can spend short periods of time on land, but must soon return to its water environment for adequate respiration.The Ornate Bichir does best…
Yellowtail Reef Basslet
(Liopropoma mitratum)
Starting at $129.99
…rich yellow around the mouth, caudal fin, and tail. The eye is ringed with a contrasting indigo blue.Pristine water quality is key to keeping this ornate beauty happy and healthy. An excellent reef-dwelling fish, the Yellowtail Reef Basslet may only pose a threat to tiny, ornamental crustaceans.…
Sargassum Fish
(Histrio histrio)
Starting at $39.99
The Sargassum Fish is a member of the Antennariidae family. With a body of mottled brown and tan, several projections give it more of an ornate rock-like appearance than that of a fish.A good reef dweller, the Sargassum enjoys perching on coral ledges and requires a tank of at least 30 gallons.The…
Silver Arowana
(Osteoglossum bicirrhosum)
Starting at $44.99
…50 to 60 days. When young, these fish are easily harassed by more aggressive species such as Cichlids. Knifefish, large Plecostomus, Catfish, and Ornate Bichirs make good tank mates for the Silver Arowana.A carnivore, the Silver Arowana will eat other smaller fish, water fleas, mosquito larvae, as…
Gold Algae Eater
(Gyrinocheilos aymonieri)
Starting at $2.29
The Gold Algae Eater is an ornate color variety of the familiar Chinese Algae Eater. This gorgeous golden yellow specimen adds a bright splash of color while providing the valuable service of cleaning your aquarium. Gold Algae Eaters are often kept in aquariums for the purpose of keeping algae under…
Two Spot Wrasse
(Cheilinus bimaculatus)
Starting at $39.99
The Two Spot Wrasse is one of the smallest members of a group of ornate wrasses commonly referred to as Maori Wrasses (Genus Cheilinus and Oxycheilinus). The intricate facial markings of the Two Spot Wrasse and other Maori Wrasses are said to resemble the artistic facial tattoo of the Maori people…
Stars & Stripes Puffer
(Arothron hispidus)
Starting at $39.99
The Stars & Stripes Puffer is an ornate puffer that requires very little imagination to see how it received its common name. The upper half of the Stars & Stripes Puffer is covered with white spots that appear, from a distance, like stars upon the greenish tan body coloration. The lower half of the…
Bellus Angelfish
(Genicanthus bellus)
Starting at $139.99
The Bellus Angelfish is one of the few angelfish displaying sexual dimorphism. The male is an iridescent pale white and blue, with the lower half of the body and anal fin highlighted by long, horizontal blue stripes and one, yellow to orange stripe extending toward the caudal fin and edging the…
Decorated Goby
(Istigobius decoratus)
Starting at $19.99
The Decorated Goby is an ornate substrate-dwelling goby that animates the lower regions of your aquarium with its daily antics. The Decorated Goby will actively roam the substrate in search for food and even swim up into the water column to feed. The decorative, mottled patterning allows the…
Synodontis Zebra Hybrid
(Synodontis sp.)
Starting at $15.19
The Synodontis Zebra Hybrid is a very ornate member of the naked catfish group. With a multitude of spots of various sizes, this sleek and attractive Synodontis catfish has a truly "wild" appearance. There is a notable delineation between the head and the rest of the body. The spots on the head are…
Panda Garra
(Garra flavatra)
Starting at $23.99
The Panda Garra is an ornate sucker-mouth cat. Like its namesake the panda, the Panda Garra features broad, alternating bands of light and dark coloration. Its unique markings are highlighted with diamond-shaped scale patterns and hints of red coloration in its fins. Due to its unusual markings and…
Striated Angler
(Antennarius striatus)
Starting at $49.99
…as the Striped Anglerfish, is a member of the Antennariidae family. With a body of striped brown and tan, several projections give it more of an ornate rock-like appearance than that of a fish. These fish will alter its color to blend into its background, as can be seen in the above photo.A good…
Cherry Barb
(Puntius titteya)
Starting at $1.89
…more slender fish when compared to the other Barbs. It has a sleek, streamline profile and sports a warm, fiery coloration of oranges and reds. Ornate markings in chocolate brown coloration decorate the fish along the lateral line injecting color and texture to your midwater aquarium display. During…
Halfmoon Butterfly Betta, Blue
(Betta splendens)
Starting at $29.99
…Moon" tail. The Blue Halfmoon Butterfly Betta has highly ornate fins with the caudal (tail) fin forming a semicircle or "half moon" shape. The caudal spread of a Halfmoon Betta is 180 degrees. The Blue Halfmoon Butterfly Betta is an ornate variety sure to be an exciting addition for Betta breeders…
Comical Blenny
(Ecsenius opsifrontalis)
Starting at $129.99
…representative of the Family Blenniidae. The Comical Blenny is an uncommon gem sure to captivate blenny aficionados or any hobbyist with its ornate pattern and coloration. In addition, its exuberant personality and comical behavior will bring lively activity to any reef aquarium.The Comical…