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Ph Controller

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83 products
Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller
Starting at $124.99
…Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller offers a reliable and affordable way to streamline CO2 injection. Easy-to-use electronic pH controller continuously measures pH levels AND features a controllable outlet the activates your CO2 system when pH levels deviate from the user determined…
ISTA CO2 Controller (Vertical Type)
Starting at $119.99
…with freshwater-planted aquariums, calcium reactors for saltwater reef aquariums or other CO2 injection systems.Connect to an aquarium timer or pH controller for automated aquarium CO2 injection.Features:Pressure gauge with stainless steel cover to endure corrosionEasy assembly, no tool required in…
Pinpoint PH Controller
Starting at $189.99
…featured electronic controllers with aquarium use probes*Automate pH dependant electrical aquarium devices*Rugged aquarium controllers feature easy read LCD screenFor continuous, precise control of ozone injection in your aquarium. Each American Marine Pinpoint Controller lets you easily set upper…
Neptune Systems AquaController Apex PM1 pH/ORP Probe Module
Starting at $84.95
…for all AquaController Apex controller systems*Provides additional pH or ORP and temperature probe ports*Expand existing monitoring capabilities or monitor an additional aquariumExpand the monitoring and control capabilities of your AquaController Apex Controller System with ease. Neptune Systems…
Drs. Foster & Smith Deluxe Fully-Automatic CO2 System
Starting at $469.99
…includes a pH controller, you should not have to monitor the amount of CO2 being released into your aquarium. The controller will track pH, which is directly related to CO2 concentration. Ideally, you should not experience pH fluctuations, since the pH controller will keep pH - and CO2 release…
Hydor Koralia SmartWave Pump Controller
Starting at $69.99
* Easy-to-use pump controller creates natural currents in aquariums * Connect circulation pumps and select one of 2 available programs * Synchronous program for currents typical of barrier reefs and Alternate for tides Importance of Water Movement in AquariumsMany aquarists…
Hydor SmartWave Pump Controller Kits
Starting at $119.99
* Kit of Hydor SmartWave controller and Koralia circulation pumps * Streamline product selection for custom aquarium water circulation * Enjoy savings AND convenient control of aquarium water movement Hydor SmartWave Pump Controller KitsImportance of Water Movement in…
API pH Test Kits
Starting at $5.09
…liquid test solution measures regular or high range pH * Essential for maintaining proper pH levels for aquarium fish and plants * Match the color of the test solution against color chart for accurate test results pH Test Kit - pH control is imperative to prevent the harmful effects of water…
Pinpoint pH Monitor
Starting at $89.99
…measures aquarium pH*Accurately measures aquarium pH to 1/100th of a unit*Simplifies the measuring and monitoring of aquarium pHConstantly monitor the pH of your aquarium. Precision pH monitor immediately detects changes in aquarium pH. Powered by a 9V battery (not included); "LOBAT" indicator…
Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex WiFi Aquarium Controller System
Starting at $799.95
…& control aquarium parameters with mobile devices*Convenient system updates eliminate cumbersome firmware updatesHigh-tech aquarium monitoring and control system boasts built-in WiFi for greater set up ease and enhanced performance. Neptune Systems Next Generation Apex WiFi Aquarium Controller
Air Control Kits from Two Little Fishies
Starting at $5.72
…systems, and drip irrigation of water gardens and paludariums. 12-piece set.Air Control Kit - Everything you need to operate a number of air-controlled devices from a single air source. Contains 5 air control valves, 4 T-valves, and a pair of suction cups. --->Increase Aeration for Healthy…
Neptune Systems Double Junction Lab Grade pH Probe
Starting at $74.95
…tool for pH data supported Apex functionsHigh quality pH probe from Neptune Systems provides accurate water parameter measurement essential for maintaining aquarium water quality. Neptune Systems Double Junction Lab Grade pH Probe provides vital data to support Neptune Systems Apex system control
Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Classic Kit w/AquaDisplay/Temp Probe/EB8/ pH Probe
Starting at $549.95
…& customizes more aquarium functions*Internet enabled controller available in 2 hobby-friendly optionsProtect your aquarium investment with high-tech control! Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Classic Kit w/AquaDisplay/Temp Probe/EB8/ pH Probe takes aquarium care to the next level with its 32-bit…
Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Solenoid Valve and CO2 Regulator
Starting at $39.99
…psi & kg/cm2, flow control valve, 6W electronic solenoid with 4 ft cord, bubble counter, and needle valve to simplify product selection and installation. Milwaukee Instruments CO2 Regulator measures 6-1/4" x 5" x 5-3/8" high. Use with Milwaukee Instruments Professional pH Controller (Mfg# MC122) to…
Kent Marine Pro-Buffer dKH
Starting at $6.99
pH at 8.3 * Maintain stable water parameters for healthy marine aquariums Streamline alkalinity and pH maintenance in all saltwater marine aquariums. Professional strength buffer increases alkalinity and automatically controls pH in any marine aquarium. Easy-to-use liquid formula adjusts the pH of…