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Seachem SeaGel
Starting at $7.66
… * Ideal chemical filter media for reef and marine aquariums Premium chemical filter media blend of Seachem's Matrix Carbon and PhosGuard. SeaGel quickly removes organics, phosphate, silicates, toxic metals, and acids from saltwater aquariums. Unique bead-shaped filter media allows…
Starting at $57.38
…Seachem PhosGuard rapidly removes inorganic and organic phosphate and prevents buildup in your aquarium. Highly porous, high capacity beads resist compaction for optimum water flow essential for effective aquarium phosphate removal. 100ml treats 60 gallons.Note: PhosGuard is not recommended…
Water Garden Oasis Pond PhosGuard
Starting at $24.99
…between 100 to 300 US gallonsGet rid of phosphates, silicates, and certain organic nutrients in your decorative pond! The Water Garden Oasis Pond PhosGuard is a non-herbicidal, environmentally sound approach to the problem of phosphate control. The filter absorbent is spherical, which allows for…