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Hanna Instruments Phosphate Low Range Checker HC
Starting at $8
…Instruments Phosphate Low Range Checker HC provides a simple cost effective way to detect even low levels of aquarium phosphate. Routine phosphate level measurement is crucial to maintain high aquarium water quality with low levels of the algal nutrient phosphate.Hanna Instruments Phosphate Low…
API Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $12.19
phosphate is safe? While phosphate is not harmful to fish, the phosphate level should be zero in saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquariums, including those containing live plants. The phosphate level in a new aquarium will depend on the purity of the water used to fill the aquarium. The phosphate
Caribbean Crabless Packages
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $29.99
…Packages are designed for any established marine aquarium, and are an essential part in maintaining an aquarium with low levels of nitrate and phosphate. The organisms chosen for these packages are based on the combined years of experience and knowledge of our aquatic experts. Simply choose the…
Blue Life Phosphate Rx
Starting at $19.99
…effective phosphate control for freshwater and saltwater aquariums * Controls phosphate to help increase the vitality, color, and growth of aquarium inhabitants * Veterinarian-approved solution removes phosphate in reef aquariums Quick, effective Blue Life Phosphate Rx removes phosphate from…
Starting at $57.38
…flow through the media. Granular phosphate removers can become compacted, dramatically limiting their capacity to remove phosphate. If the media can't come into contact with the water, it can't remove phosphate from it. PhosGuard is the only spherical phosphate remover on the market. NOTE: Aluminum…
Cobalt Aquatics Complete Reef Filter Media
Starting at $19.91
*Removes organics, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates and heavy metals*Removes discoloration and odors while helping keep water crystal clear*Will not negatively impact calcium, magnesium or alkalinityCobalt Aquatics Complete Reef Filter Media provides superior pollutant and nitrate removal --…
Starting at $32.49
…of phosphate in the water column and the level of phosphate in the rock, gravel and other substrate in the aquarium. The above chart is for maintenance use on aquariums where the phosphate level within the substrate has already been reduced. On new or established aquariums where the phosphate levels…
Red Sea REEF-SPEC Carbon
Starting at $7.36
…activated coconut-based carbon features extremely low phosphate leaching and minimal ash content while also not affecting the pH of aquarium water.Main Features:Rapid removal of organic pollutantsHigh total adsorption capacityUltra-Low phosphate outputUltra-Low ash contentSuitable for Marine &…
Jimbo's Gumbos REEF GUMBO Frozen Food for Fish and Coral Aquariums
Starting at $10
…amino acids, and DHA and omega-3 fatty acids for robust and optimum livestock health. Free of artificial flavors, colors, GMO or pesticides, and phosphate washes. Ingredients: Shrimp, Scallop, Clam, Oyster, Ocean Perch, Octopus, Mussels, Squid, Salmon, Beef Heart, Broccoli, Carrot,…
Bushy Acropora Coral, Green
(Acropora sp.)
Starting at $59.99
…an established reef aquarium.To maximize their growth rate, it is imperative to maintain a high pH, alkalinity and calcium levels, and to keep phosphate and nitrate levels as close to zero as possible. If conditions are ideal, it can also be cultured and grown into a new colony from living fragments…
Atlantic Pygmy Octopus
(Octopus joubini)
Starting at $59.99
…the glass or onto itself. Cover all tank openings very well or it will try to escape. The Octopus is sensitive to high levels of nitrates and phosphates, as well as any copper-based medications. It its best to maintain the Atlantic Pygmy Octopus in a species only aquarium with some live rock to aid…
Fluval® Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $14.99
…liquid test to measure phosphate levels in your aquarium*Essential for optimal water conditions *Store in a cool, dry place Accurately measure phosphate levels in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium with the Fluval Phosphate Test Kit. When organic matter decays, phosphates are released into the…
Salifert Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $9.99
…liquid phosphate test kit * Fast phosphate test results in less than 5 seconds * Maintain low phosphate levels in aquariums for healthy inhabitants Extremely fast, professional results simplify routine phosphate testing. Salifert Phosphate Test Kit offers highly reliable and informative phosphate
Seachem Phosphate Test Kits
Starting at $14.78
* 75 tests per kit * Test reference included * High sensitivity levels ensure precise results An economical solution for making sure your aquarium's chemical and mineral levels stay in balance. Each kit includes 75 tests with supplementary test references. High sensitivity levels for each…
Aquaforest® Phosphate Minus
Starting at $70.34
…media for phosphate & silicate reduction*Use in media bags or fluidized reactors to keep algal nutrients low*Quality aquarium filter media produced under laboratory conditionsEffectively reduce excess phosphate and silicate levels for a clean, healthy aquarium environment. Aquaforest Phosphate Minus…