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Pink Montipora

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8 products
Branched Montipora Coral
(Montipora digitata)
Starting at $39.99
The Branched Montipora Coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral often referred to as Velvet Branch, or Velvet Finger Coral. This branching coral comes in a variety of colors and is a fast growing species. The form that the coral takes in its growth will be highly variable depending on the lighting,…
Beginner Hardy 5 Pack-Aquacultured, ORA®
(Assorted sp.)
Starting at $119.99
…Coral (Seriatopora guttatus), (1) Mint Pavona Coral (Pavona frondifera), (1) Stuber Acropora (Acropora sp.), and (1) Pink Polyp Capricornis Coral (Montipora capricornis), and (1) Pink and Green Pocillopora damicornis Coral (Pocillopora damicornis).The ORA Beginner Hardy Pack is an ensemble of truly…
Pink Polyp Capricornis Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Montipora capricornis)
Starting at $49.99
Be one of the first to bring home the ORA® aquacultured Pink Polyp Capricornis Coral. This Montipora capricornis has an olive green base color and dark pink polyps. The contrasting polyp and tissue colors make this two-toned cap really stand out. This is a fast growing capricornis with a slightly…
Smooth Encrusting Montipora Coral
(Montipora nodosa)
Starting at $44.99
The Smooth Encrusting Montipora Coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral often referred to as Cabbage, Lettuce, Velvet, or Velvet Rock Coral. It is a relatively fast growing coral, and under the right conditions will spread across the rockwork in the aquarium. The polyps of these corals are very…
Reverse Superman Montipora Coral, Aquacultured
(Montipora monasteriata)
Starting at $39.99
Our Aquacultured Reverse Superman Montipora Coral is a reverse coloration of the extremely-popular Superman Montipora, and propagated here at our Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility! This eye-catching aquacultured variety sports a vibrant pink, orange and red scrolling body color accentuated by a…
Mandarin Setosa Montipora Coral, Aquacultured
(Montipora setosa)
Starting at $39.99
…Mandarin Setosa Montipora Coral is a gorgeous SPS (Small Polyp Stony) Coral that injects vivid pink and mandarin-orange coloration to your SPS-dominated reef aquarium landscape. In addition to amazing coloration, the LiveAquaria® Certified Captive Grown Mandarin Setosa Montipora Coral provides…
Setosa Montipora Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Montipora setosa)
Starting at $59.99
Montipora Coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral often referred to as Velvet Branch, or Velvet Finger Coral. Montipora Corals come in a vast variety of forms and colors, but this variety is orange but can appear pink when illuminated under very intense lighting. This Aquacultured Setosa Montipora
Yup! Coral Décor Aquarium Decorations
Starting at $7.99
…Coral, Yellow or Blue for Medium Coral and Blue, Pink, or Orange for Large Coral. Coral Décor Dimensions Inspired by Small Purple Coral(mfg# 11251) 4" x 2-1/4" x 4" high Staghorn Coral Small Green Coral(mfg# 11261) 4" x 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" high Montipora Coral Medium Yellow Coral(mfg# 11201) 8" x…