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Plant Baskets

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Laguna Plastic Planting Baskets
Starting at $2.99
*Versatile planting baskets for marginal pond plants*Handles allow easy placement or removal from your pond*Available in varied shapes to suit any water garden designLaguna Plastic Planting Baskets are the perfect place to nestle your pond plants. Each contains two handles for easy placement,…
Laguna Floating Plant Basket
Starting at $8.99
plant baskets with a diverse selection of plants and secure in place using the anchoring loop. Versatile plant baskets increase planting options and provide additional shade and protection for fish. Basket Planting area dimensions 10" Plant Basket 6-1/4" dia x 6-1/4" 14" Plant Basket
Laguna Plant Grow Fertilizer Spikes
Starting at $6.99
…spike no longer contain nutrients. Use one spike for 1 or 2 gallon planting baskets. Use two spikes for 3 gallon planting baskets. Use three spikes for 4.5 and 5 gallon planting baskets. Use four or more spikes for >5 gallon planting baskets.Directions for Mini Fertilizer Spike: Push the spike in…
Starting at $11.29
…keep API POND AQUATIC PLANTING MEDIA from leaking out.Add about three inches of pre-soaked API POND AQUATIC PLANTING MEDIA into bottom of pot or basket.To promote lush plant growth, add a plant fertilizer as API POND AQUATIC PLANTING MEDIA is not a fertilizer,Arrange the plant roots into the pot and…
Laguna Planting Bags
Starting at $2.99
plants and water lilies. Finely woven fabric allows excellent water circulation for healthy plant growth. Directions for Use Add a layer of pond planting media of your choice to the bottom of the Laguna Plant Bag. Place plant on top of the planting media. Fill the Laguna Plant Bag with planting
Emerald Green Cory Cat
(Brochis splendens)
Starting at $6.79
…the aquarium should be well planted with plenty of driftwood. Maintain a pH close to neutral and provide strong filtration to ensure proper health.In the aquarium, females will collect the eggs in a pelvic fin basket and deposit them individually on plants, rocks, driftwood, and other objects.…
Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter
Starting at $279.99
…Nozzle, Lid Fasteners, Filter Canister, Utility Valve and Hosing, Drain Cap, Pump Unit (Motor) and Power Cord, Rubber Feet, Media Baskets, 1/2 Media Baskets, Filter Lid and Accessories.Maintenance TipsImportantTo ensure optimal and proper functioning of your Fluval FX External Filter,…
JBJ Rimless Aquariums
Starting at $399
…equipment clutter while delivering crystal-clear water filtration and powerful water flow.JBJ Rimless Aquariums feature two 3-stage Filter Media Baskets installed with coarse mechanical filter sponge to trap debris, activated carbon for chemical filtration, and ceramic rings for biological…
Fluval G Series Advanced Filter Media & Cartridges
Starting at $9.99
…water or replace one biological basket of Bio-nodes every 6 monthsGeneral InformationFluval ceramic Bio-nodes feature a complex pore system where beneficial bacterial will thrive. With more capacity and shaped to compact together tightly within the G filter baskets, Bio-nodes enhance biological…
Fluval LED Edge Aquarium Kits
Starting at $1.62
…installation.Fluval Edge Foam Filter Insert: Rinse Foam Filter Insert and place into filter basket first. The foam block should totally fill the bottom of the basket, leaving no space between the filter basket base and sides. Note: Replace Foam Filter Insert every two months.Fluval Edge Activated…
Aqua Medic EcoDrift High Performance Current Pump
Starting at $112
…remove the Rubber Gaskets. Twist the Filter Basket and remove it from the Pump Housing. Hold the Pump Assembly with your left hand. With your right hand, twist the Filter Basket counter clockwise to unlock it from the Pump Housing. The Filter Basket can be locked in various positions. Ideally the…
Fluval G Series Premium Filter
Starting at $249.99
…in freshwater aquariums. Nitrate concentration should not exceed 20 mg/L in freshwater aquariums. Planted aquariums require approximately 5mg/L of nitrate as a source of nitrogen for healthy plant growth.In a 300L freshwater aquarium with a 30 mg/L nitrate concentration, the use of G3 Nitrogen…
Drs. Foster & Smith Fish Acclimation Kit
Starting at $7.99
…surroundings. Just float the perforated plastic basket in the aquarium. Net the tank bully and place in the floating basket for approximately four hours while the new arrival adjusts to your aquarium. Never place the new arrival in this basket; the new specimen must get familiar with your aquarium.…
Aqueon Bio-Balls Filter Media
Starting at $6.99
…one inch round balls can be used with different types of filters for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Simply place Bio-Balls in the media basket or chamber. The number of pieces needed will vary by your individual filter's requirements and capacity. 60 ct. What is Biological media?Biological…
Fluval C-Series Power Filters
Starting at $34.99
…increasing filtration dwell time within the filter. The result is cleaner aquarium water and gentle water flow suitable for delicate fish and plants. Neatly compartmentalized filtration system offers ultimate ease of maintenance of each mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Cleaning…