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Halimeda Plant
(Halimeda sp.)
Starting at $14.99
The Halimeda plant is a green calcareous macroalgae found within tropical oceans worldwide, and is a beautiful decorative plant for a marine aquarium. The irregular oval segments of Halimeda appear as several small green coins glued from end-to-end, forming a chain. For this reason, Halimeda may…
Wall of Plants Yellow/Green Plant
Starting at $9.99
…beneficial, stress-relieving cover for your aquarium fish. Combine the Wall of Plants Yellow/Green plant with small foreground plants to create a multi-dimensional effect. Once positioned, the Wall of Plants Yellow/Green plant gently moves with the natural waves in your aquarium water, adding even…
Aquarium Plant Pack - Mega
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $54.99
The Mega Plant Pack comes with the following plants: Micro Sword or Dwarf Hairgrass, Anubias Nana or Anubias Barteri Round Leaf, ChainSword - Narrow Leaf, Banana Plant, Java Fern, Red Cryptocorne or Green Cryptocorne, Ludwigia - Broad, Rotala Indica, Ozelot Sword, Corkscrew Vallisneria, Wisteria -…
Refugium Starter Kit
(Assorted sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…a transparent algae that is a natural food source for all herbivorous fish. This live food will provide the proper nutrition for many species of plant eating marine fish. Ulva, or sea lettuce, is an ideal phosphate remover. Plus it makes a highly nutritious food source for amphipods and copepods!…
(Egeria densa)
Starting at $2.89
…the aquarium water between 59°-82°F. Anacharis plants grow the best in water with an alkalinity of 3-8 dKH with a nuetral pH of 6.5-7.5. Propagate by removing cuttings from mature, healthy plants. The Anacharis looks best when planted in groups along the back and sides of the aquarium.Approximate…
Sagittaria subulata - Tropica® 1-2-Grow!
(Sagittaria subulata)
Starting at $44.99
plant from cup, divide and plant accordingly to your aquascape design, and then watch it grow!Sagittaria subulata also known as Dwarf Sagittaria, Hudson Sagittaria and Ribbon Wapato, is a great aquatic plant for those just beginning to keep live plants in their aquariums. This fast growing plant
Container Garden Hardy Zones 5-11
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $34.99
…Garden pack includes 3 plant varieties selected for their coloration, diversity, and hardiness, ideal for small ponds and container gardens in zones 5-11.The Hardy Container Garden Pack for Zones 5-11 contains 3 plant varieties (Lily, Iris, & Grass) suited to zones 5-11. All plants arrive bare root.…
Dwarf Sagittaria
(Sagittaria subulata)
Starting at $3.59
…Ribbon Wapato, is a great aquatic plant for those just beginning to keep live plants in their aquariums. This fast growing plant resembles grass and can grow above the water level. Its unstemmed leaves will grow to form dense clusters. It is an amphibious plant, and will grow either partially or…
Micro Sword
(Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae)
Starting at $3.99
…is a great plant for beginners and seasoned aquarium keepers alike. An attractive bottom covering plant with long light green grass-like leaves, it will spread out in thick carpet of grass. The Micro Sword will make an excellent spawning medium, as well as a great foreground plant. This species…
Mermaid's Fan Plant
(Udotea sp.)
Starting at $7.99
The Mermaid's Fan plant, a green calcareous algae found throughout the Caribbean, is used as a decorative plant in the marine aquarium. These plants have short stems that grow out of the substrate or live rock. These plants form a fan like leaf that is oval to round in shape. They are calcareous…
Red Rubin
(Echinodorus rubin)
Starting at $4.99
…freshwater planted aquarium.The Red Rubin is a relatively easy plant to maintain, but grows rather large in the aquarium. Use this plant as a background in the smaller aquarium, and as a mid-ground focal point in the larger aquarium. Do not allow the leaves of this plant to shade neighboring plants.
Azoo Real Plant Artificial Chlorophytum
Starting at $1.49
…and rinse Azoo Real Plant in warm water. Place plant in the aquarium, sinking the base of the plant into the gravel.Planting TipTo create visual depth in the aquarium, place taller plants in the back of the tank and shorter plants in the front. Mix styles and colors of plants to create an aquarium…
Marineland Artificial Plant Mats
Starting at $4.99
…lush plant coverage that stays in place. All plant mat varieties measure approx 3" high.To install: Rinse plant under warm water before placement.To create visual depth in your aquarium, place taller plants in the back of the aquarium and shorter plants in the front. Mix styles and colors of plants
Ludwigia Needle Leaf
(Ludwigia arcuata)
Starting at $3.19
…full spectrum (5000-7000K) light. The vibrancy of this plant depends greatly on the amount of light it receives. When poorly illuminated, the colors will fade. To propagate the Ludwigia arcuata, simply cut branches or the top of the plant, and plant the stem into the substrate. Be sure to remove the…
Anubias nana
(Anubias nana)
Starting at $6.99
Anubias nana is a hardy plant that is an aquarium favorite among many hobbyists. This rosette plant may reach up to 8 inches in length and has beautiful dark green leaves in low, handsome clumps. They usually have diagonal lines running from the center vein to the leaf perimeter.Anubias nana has…