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Blue and Gold Damselfish
(Pomacentrus coelestis)
Starting at $7.99
The Blue and Gold Damselfish is two-tone in color with electric blue primarily on the top portion and bright yellow on the bottom and posterior portion. There is a considerable species variation in the amount of yellow on the body of the fish.A favorite of reef hobbyists, the Blue and Gold Damsel…
Pink Smith Damselfish
(Pomacentrus smithi)
Starting at $5.99
The Pink Smith Damselfish, also known as Smith's Damselfish, has a shiny silvertone to white body with pink highlighting the outline.A small group should reside in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with live rock and other hiding places to break up the territories.Offer the Pink Smith Damselfish a…
Neon Damselfish
(Pomacentrus alleni)
Starting at $11.99
…Damselfish and the Allen's Pomacentrus. It was named after Dr. Gerald Allen, the icthyologist who is recognized as the world's authority on damselfishes.This slender fish is neon blue with a blending of yellow near the bottom of the body down into the anal fin. Pomacentrus coelestis, which is…
Ocellate Damselfish
(Pomacentrus vaiuli)
Starting at $27.99
The Ocellate Damselfish is also known as the Princess Damselfish and originates from the waters of Fiji. They can be variable in color, but generally have a blue body fading to a yellow/orange coloration. The dorsal fin also has a black eyespot at the lower rear edge. A 30 gallon or larger aquarium…
Similar Damselfish
(Pomacentrus similis)
Starting at $5.99
Similar in appearance to the aquarium favorite Yellowtail Damselfish, Pomacentrus similis is an electric blue jewel of the aquarium boasting a sunny yellow tail. This color combination looks stunning against any backdrop of corals and live rock. But what pleases aquarists most is that the Similar…
Lemon Damselfish, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Pomacentrus moluccensis)
Starting at $12.99
The Lemon Damselfish is also known as the Golden Damselfish, Molucca Damsel, Molucca Demoiselle. This bright yellow Damselfish may display blue lines across its head and fins. As the fish matures the bright yellow coloration begins to diminish slightly and becomes less shy within the aquarium. The…