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Japonica Amano Shrimp
(Caridina japonica)
Starting at $3.19
…or Japanese Swamp Shrimp and it originates from the swamps of Japan. The ideal setup for the Amano Shrimp is an established freshwater aquarium or pond of at least 10 gallons with plenty of hiding places and algae with a mature substrate. The Amano Shrimp should be housed with small peaceful fish or…
Drs. Foster & Smith PhosPure® Filter Media
Starting at $10.99
…filters. For Ponds: Use in filter or pond skimmer. NOTE: In filters or pond skimmers that receive infrequent servicing, three times the suggested amount of PhosPure plus Zeolite & Carbon can be safely used at once.Suggested Use:For freshwater and saltwater aquariums and ponds, use instead of…
Drs. Foster & Smith PhosPure® Pads
Starting at $8.99
…filters, canister filters, or wet/dry filters. For ponds: Use in any pond filter or skimmer.Suggested Use:One 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 1/2" pad treats up to 100-gallon aquarium or pond. One 15" x 30" x 1/2" pad treats up to 600-gallon aquarium or pond. Monitor phosphate levels with a test kit and maintain…
Black Magic Taro
(Colocasia esculent 'Black Magic')
Starting at $8.49
…length, while the plant may grow 2 to 4 feet tall and should be kept in 1 to 6 inches of water. This plant makes a dramatic accent to the edge of any pond and is also a great choice for a container garden.Black Magic Taro is best planted in 5 gallon or larger containers. It does best when planted in…
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $3.49
…has a mottled pattern of white, black, and orange. It may also be called the Speckled or Harlequin Goldfish.The ideal setup for the Shubunkin is a pond of at least 180 gallons with a gravel substrate, rocks, and hearty plants. This fish will grow in proportion to the size of its surroundings. They…
Assorted Koi - Domestic
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $3.49
Domestic Koi are praised for their hardiness and variety of colors and patterns. For this reason, Koi are often regarded as the "kings" of pond fish. These farm-raised members of the Cyprinidae family are available in a variety of colors and patterns, but are most commonly white, yellow, orange, or…
Fantail Goldfish, Red
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $2.89
…of the carp family, the Red Fantail Goldfish is generally quite hardy. It does well in aquariums 30 gallons or larger, as well as backyard garden ponds of 180 gallons or more. In addition to a fine gravel bottom or well-rounded river rocks, the Red Fantail will appreciate hardy, cold water plants.…
Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pump Models 200 & 400
Starting at $12.33
…Lifegard AquaticsAquarium, Pond & Water Garden, Fountain and Commercial Aquaculture ProductsLifegard Aquatics is engaged in the business of manufacturing and supplying a complete line of Aquarium, Pond, Water Garden and Aquaculture products for the advanced aquarist, pond owner, professional…
Cardinal Plant
(Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf")
Starting at $5.99
…to the eastern and central United States, Lobelia cardinalis, also known as "Cardinal Flower," is commonly found growing emergent along streams, ponds, and waterways. Kept in its submersed state in the home aquarium, its stems produce bright green leaves with scarlet red undersides. Provide Lobelia…
Container Garden Tropical Zones 9-11
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $39.99
Each Container Garden pack includes 3 plant varieties selected for their coloration, diversity, and hardiness, ideal for small ponds and container gardens in zones 9-11.The Tropical Container Garden Pack for Zones 9-11 contains 3 varieties of plants suited to zones 9-11. All plants arrive bare root.…
Scribbled Angelfish, Juvenile, Captive-Bred
(Chaetodontoplus duboulayi)
Starting at $369.99
We are pleased to offer Juvenile Captive-Bred Scribbled Angelfish spawned and reared in land based saltwater ponds in Bali Indonesia. The lips are a dull yellow while the face and body are predominately a dark blue-black. Separating the head from the body is a wide vertical band of yellow and white.…
Assorted High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $45.99
…These high-quality Japanese Strain Koi are a product of years of professional breeding, and will turn your pond into a showcase of champions.The ideal setup for Koi is a 1000+ gallon pond with a fine gravel substrate, rocks, and hardy plants. Because these Koi savor plant roots and will dig to get…
Parrot's Feather
(Myriophyllum aquaticum)
Starting at $3.19
…across surface of pond. Its stems can grow from 20 to 60 inches long, and are divided into four to six vivid green segments.Parrot's Feather's lushly textured foliage helps provide shade for the pond and fish. It also provides a hiding place and spawning material for the pond inhabitants. Because…
Koi and Pond Fish Pack
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $249.99
The Koi and Pond Fish Pack offers pond keepers a great way to add diversity to their ponds. This wonderful assortment provides a stocking option that adds character and color for a truly enjoyable display. The Koi and Pond Fish Pack contains the following four varieties of pond fish: Shubunkin,…
Annularis Angelfish, Juvenile, Captive Bred
(Pomacanthus annularis)
Starting at $79.99
We are pleased to offer Juvenile Captive-Bred Annularis Angelfish spawned and reared in land based saltwater ponds in Bali Indonesia. A striking fish, the Annularis angelfish is also known as the Blue Ring or Blue King Angelfish. As a juvenile, the stripes run vertically, and are white to light blue…