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Pond Test Kits

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API Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate Test Kits
Starting at $7.49
…180 tests per kit. For fresh/saltwater.Nitrate Test Kit Measures nitrate levels in both fresh & saltwater aquariums. Tests nitrate levels from 0 to 160 ppm. 90 tests per kit. For fresh/saltwater. Ammonia Test Instructions Nitrite Test Instructions Nitrate Test Instructions Ammonia Test
API pH Test Kits
Starting at $5.09
…the test solution against color chart for accurate test results pH Test Kit - pH control is imperative to prevent the harmful effects of water that is either too alkaline or too acidic for fish and plant life. Tests pH levels from 6.0 to 7.6. 250 tests per kit. For freshwater.pH High Range Test Kit
PondCare Pond Master Liquid Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
…Easy-to-use pond test kit for early detection and early correction * Test 4 of the most important pond water parameters * EZ-read results cards and instructions included for convenient testing of pond water Complete system for testing both tap and pond water. Contains four essential tests to…
Salifert Oxygen Test Kit
Starting at $4.99
…Oxygen Test Kit is a "must-have" test kit for hobbyists with sophisticated aquarium devices such as calcium reactors, CO2 systems, or ozonizers, where regular monitoring of oxygen level is crucial. 50 tests. Use for freshwater or marine aquariums.Range: 2 - 14 ppm This oxygen test can be used…
Salifert Phosphate Test Kit
Starting at $9.99
…professional liquid phosphate test kit * Fast phosphate test results in less than 5 seconds * Maintain low phosphate levels in aquariums for healthy inhabitants Extremely fast, professional results simplify routine phosphate testing. Salifert Phosphate Test Kit offers highly reliable and…
API Copper Test Kit
Starting at $8.89
…or ponds with plants. Tap water may contain copper leached from pipes and, ultimately, it can accumulate in the aquarium. Directions for Use:This kit reads total copper level in parts per million (ppm). This kit works in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Read thoroughly before testing. Do not…
Salifert Calcium Profi Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
…Unlike other test kits, Salifert is not affected by magnesium to provide true test results. Use the Salifert Calcium Test Kit to measure calcium level for proper calcium supplementation. Measures in increments of 10 ppm. Use for marine and freshwater aquariums as well as water garden ponds. 50-100…
API Freshwater Master Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
…to a nontoxic form. Ammonia test kits will still test positive for ammonia, even though it is nontoxic. The biological filter will then consume the nontoxic ammonia, converting it to nitrite and then to nitrate.[Back to top]Nitrite Test InstructionsWhy Test For Nitrite?Testing for the presence…
API Saltwater Master Liquid Test Kit
Starting at $21.99
…These essential tests help you adjust your water parameters for the success of your marine fish. Long-lasting kits contain tests for pH (180 tests), ammonia (90 tests), nitrite (150 tests), and nitrate (75 tests). The enclosed instruction booklet explains how to use test kit in an easy-to-understand…
Pond Thermometer
Starting at $6.99
* Pond thermometer for measuring pond water temperature * Durable ABS thermometer housing suitable for outdoor pond use * Tear-resistant rope allows for easy retrieval from pond This accurate pond thermometer is constructed for durability in an ABS molded tube case. The thermometer has a…
E-Z Read Pond Thermometer
Starting at $8.99
* Pond thermometer with large, easy-to-read numbers * Snap-on flotation device for use as a floating pond thermometer * Use E-Z Read Pond Thermometer to accurately measure water temperature This deluxe thermometer will gently float in your pond until you're ready to check the water temperature.…
Seachem® Water Garden Oasis Pond Flourish Iron
Starting at $26.99
…1 tablespoon per 100 gallons once or twice a week as required to maintain about 0.1 mg/L iron. Use MultiTest: Iron test kit to monitor iron concentrations. Use only in a contained pond as directed. This product is not intended for natural bodies of water or agricultural use.Guaranteed AnalysisIron…
Seachem® Water Garden Oasis Pond Acid Buffer
Starting at $24.99
…in a non-concrete pond without also using Pond pH Buffer or a pH/KH test kit.Use as needed to maintain pH. Concrete ponds will require more frequent use than liner ponds. Optimum pH for most ponds is between 7.2 and 7.8. This product will not raise pH. To raise pH, use Pond pH Buffer.Ingredients:…
Microbe-Lift® Concentrated Ammonia Remover for Ponds
Starting at $47.98
ponds, add 1 teaspoon/60 gallons of Microbe-Lift Concentrated Ammonia Remover for Ponds for each 0.7 mg/L, or fraction thereof, of measured total ammonia (=0/6 mg/L. total ammonia-nitrogen). ContraindicationsDo not use with permanganate or chlorite-based treatments. Nessler's total ammonia test kits
Drs. Foster & Smith PhosPure® Pads
Starting at $8.99
…filters, or wet/dry filters. For ponds: Use in any pond filter or skimmer.Suggested Use:One 7-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 1/2" pad treats up to 100-gallon aquarium or pond. One 15" x 30" x 1/2" pad treats up to 600-gallon aquarium or pond. Monitor phosphate levels with a test kit and maintain levels under 0.05…