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Pre Filter Sponge

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Replacement Foam Pre-Filter
Starting at $6.49
Pre-filter sponge placed over the inlet strainer of Eheim Wet/Dry Filter System Models 2227 and 2229. Provides additional mechanical and biological filtration. Measures 5" x 1-3/4" diameter. 2-pack. Manufacturer #2615270.
Seachem Tidal Foam Filter Media
Starting at $5.07
…Tidal Power Filters 55, 75, or 110*Efficiently traps waste and debris as the first stage of aquarium filtration*Pre-cut and perfectly sized for use in Seachem Tidal Power Filters Tidal Foam filter media, the replacement mechanical filtration media for Seachem Tidal Power Filters, efficiently traps…
Magnavore Poly-Tech Super Filter Pads
Starting at $4.99
…power filters, cut filter pad to match the size of the filter cartridge or sponge insert. In canister filters, cut filter pad to cover the entire area of the filter basket or tray. Use separate pieces to fill the entire tray area without water bypass. Stack multiple layers instead of sponges for…
TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit with Submersible Flat Box Filter
Starting at $9.99
…concentration of chlorine may degrade the sponge pre-filters used with this submersible filter. Please avoid adding chlorine to self-contained fountains. Most tap water has a low concentration of chlorine and will not significantly degrade these sponges. Chlorine should never be added to any water…
Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filters
Starting at $6.69
…seal that stops water from entering or exiting the filter. ON/OFF switch for UV lamp - Allows independent control of the UVC germicidal lamp to destroy green water and polish water to crystal clarity.Includes: Fine Filter Sponge, Coarse Filter Sponge (except EFU-25), 500 grams activated carbon, and…
Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filters
Starting at $8.49
…packs of filtering materials, rinse the materials carefully, and place them in the containers. The number of containers varies, depending on the filter model. We suggest placing the large-pore sponges at the bottom, the material for biological filtering in the middle of the filter, and the…
Mag-Drive Replacement Parts
Starting at $1.49
…For optimum pump protection, replace old or worn pre-filters. Replacement Pre-Filter Sponges (cylindrical style) are available for Mag Drive Pump Models 500 and 700. Large replacement Pre-Filter Sponges (block style) are available for Mag Drive Pump Models 950, 1200, & 1800. Plastic Replacement…
Hydor Universal Pump (formerly Seltz L)
Starting at $31.19
…use as a supply pump for biological filters, protein skimmers, wet/dry filters or as an aquarium water circulation pump. Extremely quiet and reliable operation. Includes adjustable mounting base with suction cups, barbed fittings, and pre-filter sponge. For fresh or saltwater use. Model Dimensions…
Penguin Powerheads
Starting at $2.99
Sponge for the Penguin Powerhead Reverse Flow Filter Kit. Open cell Sponge Pre-filter traps more dirt, protects against impeller damage, and prevents heavy waste buildup in gravel bed. Model # GPH Model # GPH 550 145 forward 1140 300 forward 660 170 forward 660R 170 reverse w/reverse flow sponge
Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps
Starting at $34.41
…and attachments to create a blossom or bell-shaped fountain display. 20 ft. power cord. Model 800 includes cylinder sponge pre-filter and Models 1200 to 6000 include square sponge pre-filter. 9000, and 14000and 16000--> Model Dimensions MaxHead Maxgph Fitting Watts 800 2-3/4" x 2-1/2" x…
Fluval LED Edge Aquarium Kits
Starting at $1.62
Sponge measures 1" diameter x 2-3/4".Features:Connects to power filter intake Traps fine debris Prevents small or baby inhabitants from being drawn into the filter.Fluval Edge Foam & BIOMAX Renewal KitFluval Edge Foam & BIOMAX Renewal Kit includes one Foam Filter Insert and one BIOMAX Filter
V2O Rotifers Blister Cubes
Starting at $1.99
…product Fresh frozen rotifers are the perfect minute zooplankton for filter-feeding invertebrates including corals, gorgonians, zooanthids and sponges, and more. Used widely in the aquaculture industry, they are also the perfect food for very tiny or larval fish. Gut-loaded with phytoplankton, the…
24 gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium w/FREE Nano Cube Stand
Starting at $219.99
…to the equipment.MONTHLYRinse out sponge filter (located in the rear of the aquarium) under sink faucet monthly and replace when necessary.Remove and replace activated carbon bag monthly. New bags should be rinsed under sink faucet before installing into filter compartment.Replace bulbs annually.Do…
Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums
Starting at $26.8
…Packs let you quickly replace your Nuvo filter media on a monthly basis, as recommended, for the cleanest, healthiest aquarium environment possible. Each Combo Pack contains one or more mechanical sponges to remove floating debris, one or more black carbon sponges to remove dissolved impurities from…
JBJ NanoZapp Inline UV Sterilizer
Starting at $5.35
…hour.CleaningIt is important to keep this appliance clean. Always unplug the appliance before performing maintenance or cleaning of the pre-filter sponge, pump, and quartz sleeve. Make sure hands are completely dry before re-plugging into an electrical outlet. Cleaning the Quartz Sleeve - MonthlyThe…