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Aqueon Preset Heaters
Starting at $9.99
*Preset heaters require no adjusting for your aquarium *Constructed of shatter-resistant quartz glass *LED light turns on when aquarium water is being heated Keep your aquarium at the appropriate temperature for your tropical fish with Aqueon Preset Heaters. Preset heaters require no adjusting…
Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heaters
Starting at $9.99
…confirmation of heater operationEasy-to-use submersible heaters automatically maintain aquarium water temperature at 78°F (±2°). Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heaters feature an electronic thermostat that adjusts heat output to maintain constant water temperature. Preset heater technology reduces…
Marineland Precision Submersible Heater
Starting at $22.99
…to prevent heater failureEnjoy safe, reliable heater performance for stable aquarium water temperatures. Marineland Precision Submersible Heater features a thermal safety switch to prevent heater failure during operation. Heater turns off automatically when temperature exceeds pre-set internal…
Fluval E Series Heaters
Starting at $41.99
heaters available today. The E Series aquarium heaters feature VueTech technology. Its LCD display delivers peace of mind by continuously showing real time water temperatures. During normal operation, the temperature display changes color if the aquarium water temperature varies from the pre-set
Aqueon 10-Gallon Economy LED Aquarium Kit - Black
Starting at $89.99
…for popular accessories. Kit includes: Size 10 Glass Aquarium, Low Profile LED Hood, QuietFlow 10 Power Filter, Medium Filter Cartridge, 50W Preset Heater, Premium Fish Food Sample, Water Conditioner Sample, Fish Net, Thermometer, and Set Up Guide. SpecificationsDimensions: 22-7/8" x 12-6/8" x…
Azoo Micro Temp Controller
Starting at $24.99
heater inside the aquarium making sure they are completely underwater. Use included Hook or double-sided tape to fix Micro Temp Controller in a suitable position. Plug the Micro Temp Controller into the power outlet.Directions After the power is switched ON, the LED display will show the pre-set
JBJ Cubey Deluxe 3 Gallon Aquarium
Starting at $99
…fits comfortably on any desktop or counter - excellent for home or office. Wireless Remote allows simple, push-button control of five, preset settings for seamless transition between Warm White, Cool White, Red, Green, and Blue LED light effects PLUS five levels of brightness…