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Limbaughi Chromis
(Chromis limbaughi)
Starting at $44.99
The Limbaughi Chromis is found in schools throughout the Eastern Central Pacific from Southern California through Mexico. These are wonderful reef fish that resemble the blue damsel when mature, but are much less aggressive. As juveniles, these chromis are blue with a yellow tail. As they mature,…
Purple Tang
(Zebrasoma xanthurum)
Starting at $189.99
The Purple Tang, also known as the Yellowtail Sailfin Tang, Yellowtail Surgeonfish, and the Blue Surgeonfish, is blue to purple in color with a yellow tail and yellow accents on the pectoral fins. This fish was formally known only to the coral reefs of the Red Sea, but it is now found in the Arabian…
Brain Worm Platygyra Coral
(Platygyra sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…in its calcareous skeleton. The Brain Worm Coral colonies are usually massive and either dome-shaped or flattened, with various color shades of purple, green, brown, or gray and contrasting valleys which may be fluorescent under actinic lighting.It is a semi-aggressive coral that extends sweeper…
CaribSea Purple Up
Starting at $89.54
*Accelerates desirable pink and purple coralline algae growth*Won't encourage growth of nuisance algae*Raises dissolved calcium and replenishes iodine levels, essential for reef aquariumsAccelerates desirable pink and purple coralline algae growth. Unique, single-bottle formulation immediately…
Aussie Plum Coscinarea Coral - Aquacultured
(Coscinaraea sp.)
Starting at $39.99
…Even distribution of countless corallites gives the Aquacultured Aussie Plum Coscinaraea Coral a highly textural appearance that enhances the vivid purple coloration. Extended polyps give it an unusual, furry appearance sure to capture the attention of family and friends. Though typically encrusting…
Purple Dottyback
(Pseudochromis porphyreus)
Starting at $8.39
The color of the Purple Dottyback, also known as the Magenta Dottyback or Purple Pseudochromis, is best described as magenta.A 30 gallon or larger aquarium should be provided. It may become aggressive towards other Pseudochromis or fish with similar body shapes. It is easy to keep in an aquarium…
Colony Polyp, Blue
(Zoanthus sp.)
Starting at $109.99
The Blue Zoanthus Colony Polyp paints regal indigo blues and purples across your masterpiece reef creation. The center coloration of vivid blue is ringed with eye-popping indigo and surrounded by royal purple tentacles. The colonial nature of the polyp corals creates an impressive flush of color…
Purple Snowflake Guppy (Pair)
(Poecilia reticulata)
Starting at $7.99
…guppy. The hardiness of the Purple Snowflake Guppy, as well as the fact that it matures quickly, makes it an excellent fish for beginning hobbyists. The Purple Snowflake Guppy boasts a blue, green and silver body with purple "snowflakes" falling on its tail. The Purple Snowflake Guppy requires a…
Real Reef Eco Friendly Natural Rock
(Calcium Carbonate)
Starting at $174.99
…building block as wild harvested live rock. Next, the live rock is injected with a water based non-toxic pigment to produce the beautifully shaded purples, pinks and red colorations. The "Real Reef" reef rock is then placed in a freshwater curing process for 12 weeks, followed by a 12 16 week…
Firefish, Purple
(Nemateleotris decora)
Starting at $39.99
The Purple Firefish, also known as the Decorated Firefish, Purple Dartfish, Decorated Dartfish, or Flame Firefish, was first discovered in the Indo-west-Pacific Ocean in 1973 by Randall and Allen. The colorful body base is varied degrees of yellow to white, and deep shades of purple which begin at…
Long Tentacle Anemone, Purple
(Macrodactyla doreensis)
Starting at $89.99
…Tentacle Red Base Anemone. Its tentacles are spaced further apart than other similar anemones. This variation of the Long Tentacle Anemone has purple tentacles and a red base. This is a fairly uncommon find in the industry. It is a host to clownfish, usually Amphiprion perideraion and A. clarki.The…
Purple Tilefish
(Hoplolatilus purpureus)
Starting at $69.99
The Purple Tilefish has an attractive solid lilac-purple body color with darker crimson-red markings highlighting a v-shape on the tail.It requires a 50 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of swimming room, and at least 3 inches of mixed substrate for burrowing. It may be aggressive towards…
Purple Stylophora Coral, Aquacultured ORA®
(Stylophora pistillata)
Starting at $32.99
…ORA® Purple Stylophora is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral commonly referred to as Cat s Paw, Club Finger, Cluster or Brush Coral. It has rounded branches with blunt ends that differentiate it from other closely related SPS corals. This variety is a striking purple coloration.The Purple Stylophora…
Royal Gramma Basslet
(Gramma loreto)
Starting at $13.99
The Royal Gramma Basslet brings an explosion of color to any saltwater aquarium. It has a bright purple to violet colored anterior contrasted by a vibrant yellow posterior. Coveted for both its unique color pattern and relatively small adult size, Gramma loreto is well suited for small nano reef…
Zebra Danio
(Danio rerio)
Starting at $1.19
The Zebra Danio boasts an instantly recognizable striped, zebra pattern. A perennial favorite of freshwater enthusiasts, Danio rerio is either silver or gold with five uniform blue/purple stripes that stretch horizontally from the gill to the end of the tail. The Zebra Danio is a highly active…