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Red Koi

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Sanshoku Swordtail
(Xiphophorus helleri)
Starting at $25.99
…morph of the popular Swordtail. This recently developed variety has an exotic color pattern reminiscent of highly prized ornamental koi. The interplay between red, white, and black coloration produces a subtle, yet exquisite color pattern that instantly distinguishes the Sanshoku Swordtail from…
Imported Koi Pack
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $299.99
…any koi pond.The Imported Koi Pack contains the following four varieties of Koi: Platinum Ogon Koi, Yamabuki Ogon Koi, Tri Color Koi, and Assorted Ogon Koi.Koi are originally from Japan and over the years, they have been distributed worldwide. Imported Koi vary in color and pattern - red and white,…
Red Crystal Shrimp
(Caridina sp.)
Starting at $12.99
…Asia, the Red Crystal Shrimp requires an established freshwater aquarium or pond of at least 10 gallons. It needs plenty of hiding places, sufficient amounts of algae on which to feed, and a mature substrate. For the best care, house the Red Crystal Shrimp with small peaceful fish or koi that will…
Kohaku High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $11.49
…markings of these Koi cover between 50 and 70 percent of the fish. The beauty of these Koi lies in the purity of its white body and the intensity and depth of the red patterns. Koi can live longer than 200 years, but typically live 25 to 35 years. These high-quality Japanese Koi are a product of…
Showa High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $59.99
Showa High Quality Koi from Asia feature a jet black base color ("sumi") with red and white accents that form a woven pattern. Showa displaying more white than black are called "Kindai," which translates to "Modern Showa." Showa Koi, along with Kohaku and Sanke Koi, form the "Gosanke," or "The Three…
Doitsu Kujaku High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $109.99
…High Quality Koi, Japan Strain is an impressive koi that shares qualities of the Kujaku Koi and the Doitsu Koi. The dark, net-like marking and the red/orange and white coloration of the Kujaku Koi is accentuated by the distinct arrangement of mirror-like scales of the Doitsu Koi. As a result, the…
Koi Angelfish
(Pterophyllum sp.)
Starting at $8.59
The Koi Angelfish is a strain of angelfish that has been bred for it's mottled black and white coloration. Some may have gold markings on the head. The young specimens may have a red hue beneath the eyes that fades with age. These are beautiful angelfish, and like Koi, the coloration of each fish…
Assorted Koi - Imported (Malaysia)
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $9.49
Koi are originally from Japan and are largely imported from Malaysia. Over the years, they have been distributed worldwide. Imported Koi vary in color and pattern - red and white, tricolor, platinum, and gold metallic are the most common color forms available. While Koi can live longer than 200…
Koi Treats by Drs. Foster & Smith
Starting at $15.99
…diet of pond koi fish * Add variety to koi diet and a fun way to interact with koi Serve smart snacks to your koi for fun nutrition. Hand feed our irresistible, heart-shaped treats for an exciting way to interact with your koi; or simply place in your pond and watch your koi chase these floating…
Tri-Colored Koi, Malaysia
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $19.99
The Tri-Colored Koi boasts the classic tri-color pattern of red, white, and black. Imported from Malaysia, the Tri-colored Koi is produced by some of the best brood stock in Malaysia. Reminiscent of high quality Sanke Koi in coloration, the Tri-colored Koi demonstrates a desirable color pattern that…
Sanke High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $45.99
…coloration is adorned with red (hi) and black (sumi) markings over the body. Sanke Koi are part of "Gosanke," or "The Three Families," which also includes Kohaku and Showa Koi. In the United States, "Gosanke" Koi are often referred to as "The Big Three." The Sanke Koi we are offering are rated by…
Kujaku High Quality Koi, Japan Strain
(Cyprinus carpio)
Starting at $11.49
Koi, Japan Strain has attractive markings said to represent peacock (kujaku) feathers. This bright, metallic koi has red/orange markings on a field of brilliant white, accentuated by a reticulated net-like pattern. This distinct set of traits differentiates the Kujaku Koi from other Japanese Koi