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Red Marine Fish

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(Nemateleotris magnifica)
Starting at $13.99
The Firefish is one of the more popular fish in the marine hobby. It is a magnificent fish with brilliant coloration, a unique body shape, and unparalleled personality. Also known as the Firefish Goby, Fire Goby, and Magnificent or Fire Dartfish, Nemateleotris magnifica has a yellow head, white…
Red Hawkfish
(Cyprinocirrhites polyactis)
Starting at $24.99
…adequate room available. Although it eats small fish and shrimp, it can make an excellent reef inhabitant under the right conditions. It uses anemones and large-polyped corals for protection.The Red Hawkfish diet should include a variety of marine meats, frozen preparations, and live feeder…
Purple Tang
(Zebrasoma xanthurum)
Starting at $179.99
…the pectoral fins. This fish was formally known only to the coral reefs of the Red Sea, but it is now found in the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and in the waters off Sri Lanka as well. It usually lives singly, but can occasionally be found in schools in the southern Red Sea. Adults can reach a size…
Red Diana Hogfish
(Bodianus diana)
Starting at $69.99
The Red Diana Hogfish, also known as Diana Hogfish, Diana's Hogfish, or the Spotted Hogfish, is a reddish-orange color with white spots on the back along the dorsal fin.A 150 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of hiding places provides a good environment. It is very aggressive and should not be…
Yellowfin Flasher Wrasse
(Paracheilinus flavianalis)
Starting at $49.99
…change colors very rapidly, giving it its common name. Colors may vary depending on the fish's mood, and the exact locale of collection, and age of the fish, but most adult male Yellowfin Flasher Wrasse are vivid red in color, with subtle blue running at the base of the dorsal fin. Oftentimes there…
Falco Hawkfish
(Cirrhitichthys falco)
Starting at $24.99
…acceptable for this hardy and aggressive fish. It should not be kept with larger more aggressive hawkfish. Although it eats small fish and shrimp, with caution, it can make an excellent reef inhabitant.The Falco Hawkfish diet should include a variety of marine meats, frozen preparations, and live…
Red Coris Wrasse
(Coris gaimard)
Starting at $49.99
…any fish that will not eat them, but as they grow, they can become destructive. They should not be kept with invertebrates.The Red Coris Wrasse diet should include vitamin enriched frozen mysis shrimp, vitamin enriched frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods along with a high quality marine flake…
Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse
(Cirrhilabrus solorensis)
Starting at $49.99
fish for the reef aquarium. These wrasse like to jump, so a tight fitting canopy is recommended.The Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse diet should include vitamin enriched frozen mysis shrimp, vitamin enriched frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods along with a high quality marine flake and marine
Regal Angelfish
(Pygoplites diacanthus)
Starting at $329.99
…are more mature and are at least 4" in length. Juveniles will have a "False Eye Spot" on their dorsal fins that fades and the fish matures. Regal Angelfish from the Red Sea, Maldives, Coral Sea, Fiji and Tahiti are good shippers and are harvested and handled with care, and normally will adapt more…
Klunzinger's Wrasse
(Thalassoma rueppellii)
Starting at $179.99
…Wrasse is a beautiful wrasse from the Red Sea that will add both coloration and activity to your marine aquarium. These wrasse can be recognized by their bright green and blue body with striking purple patterns throughout the body and head. The shape of this fish is elongated which aids its movement…
Starting at $9.99
…in all marine and reef aquariums. 16 oz MARINE MELAFIX treats 948 gallons.BenefitsA safe, all-natural way to treat bacterial infections in saltwater fish and corals. Use to treat open, red sores and wounds, fin and tail rot, eye cloud, pop eye, body slime and mouth fungus on fish. API MARINE MELAFIX…
NutriDiet Marine Flakes
Starting at $4.7
*Nutritionally balanced flake food for all saltwater marine aquarium fish*Proper nutrition for marine aquarium fish with no unwanted fillers*Added garlic, chlorella, & Vitamin C give aquarium fish a nutritional boostOptimize marine aquarium fish health with balanced nutrition without unwanted…
Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects
Starting at $5.99
…rock to let your fish graze in a natural fashion. Each pack contains 10 large (6" x 7.4") and 10 small (2.2" x 7.4") sheets. Choose from 30 grams Green Marine Algae or 30 grams Red Marine Algae.Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed SelectsOptimal food source for all species of marine Tangs, Angels,…
Leaf Fish
(Taenianotus triacanthus)
Starting at $79.99
…of the Leaf Fish, also known as the Leaf Scorpionfish, or Paper Fish, varies between red, yellow, brown, or blue.A 30 gallon or larger aquarium with live rock is suitable for this fish. It uses the live rock for hiding as well as for perching while looking for food. Tank mates should be passive fish
Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix
Starting at $89.99
…For marine and reef aquariums.Tropic Marin has spent years researching what is required for optimum coral growth and the health of fish. Its discoveries have led to the development of new products. Combined with certain existing Tropic Marin products, they create a new approach to marine aquariums.…