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Reef Butterfly

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Auriga Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon auriga)
Starting at $34.99
…more popular and readily available butterflyfish. Generally a hardy species, in the wild it is found on inner and outer reef slopes. As with many fish, the Threadfin Butterfly's color and markings can vary with the region of origin. Red Sea specimens tend to lose the eyespot (false eye to confuse…
Longnose Atlantic Butterflyfish
(Prognathodes aculeatus)
Starting at $89.99
…tankmates, the Longnose Atlantic Butterfly requires a minimum aquarium size of 50 gallons, and does best if kept in a deep reef tank, but avoid stocking with other species ButterflyfishBeing one of the hardiest members of its family, the Longnose Atlantic Butterfly readily accepts most carnivorous…
Spotfin Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon ocellatus)
Starting at $34.99
…sometimes swim upside down, and occasionally squirt water like fountain above the waterline. The Spotfin Reef Butterfly is peaceful, most commonly found in shallow waters around coral reefs alone or in bonded pairs, who form a lifelong partnership. Most active during the day, they change color and…
Burgess' Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon burgessi)
Starting at $129.99
…They are not good candidates for the reef aquarium, as they will pick at any feather dusters, anemones and LPS corals. However, they are useful in a reef aquarium that does not contain the former, as they will control aiptasia anemones. The Burgess' Butterfly's diet primarily consists of coral…
Four Eyed Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon capistratus)
Starting at $29.99
…Four-Eyed Butterfly is a peaceful fish and should be housed with other peaceful tankmates. It is possible to keep a male-female pair, but members of the same sex may fight. It is not suitable for the reef aquarium, as it enjoys eating stony corals and gorgonian polypsThe Four-Eyed Butterfly is a…
San Francisco Bay Brand Angel & Butterfly Diet
Starting at $3.99
…Specially formulated for even finicky reef aquarium fish * Contains sponge and mysis shrimp to entice marine Angelfish and Butterfly Fish Keep finicky marine Angelfish and Butterfly Fish properly fed. San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Angel & Butterfly Diet is specially made with mysis…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Reef Plankton
Starting at $2.99
…hot water is not recommended, as this breaks down the nutrients contained in frozen fish food.Recommended For Reef Inhabitants: Anemones, Corals, Scallops, Shrimp, Anthias, Butterflies, Clownfish, Gobies, Mandarins, Pygmy Angels, Filter Feeders and others. Ingredients: Red Calanus Plankton, Water,…
V2O Foods Reef Caviar Frozen Aquarium Food
Starting at $3.13
…finicky fish with V2O Foods Reef Caviar Frozen Aquarium Food. Harvested in Iceland from the cold, clear Atlantic Ocean to ensure top quality and freshness. Ideal for reef aquaria, this caviar will appeal to corals, filter-feeding invertebrates, and fish such as butterflies, angelfish, wrasses, and…
Pakistan Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon collare)
Starting at $36.99
…red band followed by black and white bands.The Pakistan Butterflyfish eats stony corals in the wild and care should be taken when housing it in a reef aquarium as it will nip at many sessile invertebrates that grow on live rock. A 125 gallon or larger aquarium is suitable for a pair introduced to…
Tinkeri Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon tinkeri)
Starting at $579.99
…or larger. These fishes are normally found in deeper water on fore reef slopes, and feed primarily on plankton and small invertebrates. They are not fussy eaters and caution should be taken when introducing to a reef aquarium as they may pick at mushroom corals, anemones, and stony corals.The…
Declivis Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon declivis)
Starting at $379.99
…rock that will provide cover and a supplemental food source. They are not good candidates for the reef aquarium, as they will pick at any feather dusters, anemones and polyps. The Declivis Butterfly's diet primarily consists of coral polyps, crustaceans, and algae in the wild. In an aquarium, frozen…
Mulleri Butterflyfish
(Chelmon muelleri)
Starting at $179.99
…is best housed in very large reefs, or in peaceful community aquariums. It should be kept singly, not with conspecifics or similar Butterflyfish, and should not be kept with any stress-inducing fish. Caution should be exercised if housing these fish in a reef aquarium. They may pick on…
Threebanded Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon humeralis)
Starting at $28.99
A perfect choice for beginner butterflyfish enthusiast, the Threebanded Butterflyfish is an easy going species that gets along well with other reef fish. Striking in its contrasting beauty, it has a deep, thin, somewhat disc-shaped body, with a concave forehead and short snout. The three black…
Banded Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon striatus)
Starting at $29.99
…alone or in pairs, in shallow waters around coral reefs. Most active during the day, and sleeping at night, they seek shelter in the evening, as they are highly vulnerable to larger predators.The Banded Butterflyfish is a carnivore, feeding on reef inhabitants such as tube worms, anemones, corals,…
Orange Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon kleini)
Starting at $36.99
…butterflyfish, including members of its own species, if they were introduced to the tank at the same time. The Orange Butterflyfish may be kept in a reef aquarium, but will eat leather corals and some of the soft corals. It is an excellent fish for beginners.The diet should consist of meaty items…