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Reef Dip

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Ruby Reef HydroPlexTM
Starting at $19.99
…protozoa, dinoflagellates, small platyhelminthes and annelids.Use Ruby Reef HydroPlex as a dip regimen for cleansing new arrivals of unwanted parasites and bacteria for broad-spectrum protection against infectious disease. Ruby Reef HydroPlex does NOT contain copper, antibiotics, formaldehyde,…
Axilspot Hogfish
(Bodianus axillaris)
Starting at $19.99
…When full grown, mature Axilspot Hogfish may take a liking to smaller ornamental shrimp that are introduced after the hogfish is established in the reef aquarium. The diet consisting of meaty foods including vitamin enriched brine shrimp or mysis shrimp is preferred, as well as a high quality marine…
Reef Dip
Starting at $12.11
…in your reef aquarium. Always treat coral in a separate dip container. 250 ml makes 50 gallons. Directions for UseUse only in a dip container and not in the aquarium. Remove 4 L (1 gallon) of water from the source aquarium to a container suitable for dipping. Add 5 mL (1 capful) of Reef Dip and mix.…
Ruby Reef Kick-Ich /Rally Combo Pack
Starting at $29.99
…of Ruby Reef Rally & Kick-Ick*Effective copper-free treatment for Ich AND bacterial infections*Rapid treatment for freshwater & marine aquarium fish - reef safeCombination package delivers greater convenience and savings for effective disease treatment and prevention. Ruby Reef Kick-Ich/Rally…
Brightwell Aquatics Lugol's
Starting at $13.39
* Lugol's solution for advance iodine supplementation in reef aquariums * Replenishes iodine utilized by corals and other reef inhabitants * Powerful iodine solution can also be used to create a dip for corals Extremely powerful solution for advanced iodine supplementation.…
Starting at $9.99
…is excellent for use as a coral dip. Treat new coral additions to help control bacterial infections, reverse tissue degradation and for the removal of parasitic flatworms.API MARINE MELAFIX will not harm the biological filter and may be used in all marine and reef aquariums. 16 oz MARINE MELAFIX…
Instant Ocean Hydrometer
Starting at $9.49
…0.001.Instructions:Before use, condition hydrometer by soaking it in saltwater for 24 hours.Step 1 - Slowly fill the Instant Ocean Hydrometer by dipping bottom corner fill port below water surface until water flows up and over inner weir. Step 2 - Dislodge air bubbles by gently tapping hydrometer or…
DrTim's Aquatics First Defense Aquarium Stress Relief & Immune Support
Starting at $14.99
…water conditioner helps fish and corals cope with stress during water changes, bagging & shipping, new additions, disease treatments, fragging, dipping, and other environmental changes.First Defense also neutralizes chlorine and chloramine, buffers against pH changes and detoxifies heavy metals. Use…
Lugol's Solution
Starting at $9.99
reef aquariums*Provides a key nutrient for marine aquarium invertebrates AND fishes*Use Lugol's Solution as an iodide dip for hard or soft aquarium coralsLugol's Solution is a bio-available iodine supplement for reef-type marine aquariums. Provides a strong source of reef iodine and iodide to reef
Tamsco Aquarium Tweezers
Starting at $4.99
…two lengths as well as angled tip models with serrated or PVC dipped tips. Serrated tip tweezers provide extra grip for a secure grasp on just about anything. Angled tip tweezers maneuver well around hard-to-reach corners and PVC dipped tweezers offers a delicate touch when handling sensitive plants…
Pinpoint Calcium Monitor
Starting at $14.99
…calcium monitor * Precise LCD readout - displays calcium levels in ppm * Convenient calcium testing for reef hobbyists High-tech, digital calcium monitor simplifies routine testing. Just dip calibrated probe in water sample for quick and accurate measurement. No more mixing messy chemicals or…
Seachem One Year Combo Alert
Starting at $14.56
…sensor for two aquarium parameters*Continuously monitors aquarium pH & ammonia levels for a year!*Effortless aquarium monitoring - no strips to dip or chemicals to mixEnjoy effortless pH and ammonia monitoring for peace of mind at about a dollar a month! Seachem One Year Combo Alert offers an…
Coralife Mini Aqualight T-5 Dual Lamp Fixture replacement Lamps
Starting at $6.99
…your new Oceanic BioCube 14 or 29: Open or remove the hood from the BioCube and locate the Horizontal Drip Tray in the second filter chamber. Remove Dip Tray to access Bio Balls in middle filter chamber. Empty Bio Balls from filter chamber to create the refugium. Replace Horizontal Drip Tray. Once…
Eheim Jager Thermostat Heater
Starting at $4.99
…aquariums. Shatterproof laboratory glass housing resists cold water shock and thermo-safety control shuts heater off automatically when water level dips too low. ON/OFF indicator light for at-a-glance monitoring of heater operation. Adjustable temperature range from 64°F to 93°F with +/-0.5°F…
Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump
Starting at $36.54
…the pump must be replaced.Attention: Disconnect all submersed electrical products before doing any maintenance to any appliance in the water or dipping the hands in the water. If the plug or the electric outlet is wet, disconnect the general switch before disconnecting the electric supply cable.The…