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Reef Lighting

806 products
Coralife LED AQUALIGHT-S Aquarium Lighting
Starting at $96.99
…low to medium light level corals & plants*24-hour timer & RF remote control simplify custom aquarium lightingSmartly priced, high-performance LED lighting ideal for low to medium light level coral and plants. Coralife LED AQUALIGHT-S Aquarium Lighting provides a sensibly priced lighting option for…
Current USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System
Starting at $129.99
…USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System extends your budget with two controllable channels of dual color spectrums for twice the light effects! Designed specifically for saltwater aquarium environments, the Current USA Orbit Marine LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System is the perfect choice…
Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System
Starting at $299.95
*Powerful metal halide HQI light fixture replicates natural sunlight*Multi-faceted, mirrored reflector boosts aquarium light output*Great for reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariumsHigh-tech reflector design intensifies brilliant metal halide HQI lighting. Hamilton Technology Cayman…
Debelius' Reef Lobster
(Enoplometopus sp.)
Starting at $19.99
…from the light. It prefers to scavenge and hunt at night. The Reef Lobster is described as peaceful, and it will ignore sleeping Wrasses or healthy fish within the aquarium. Caution must be taken when incorporating into a reef aquarium, as it may harm small fish and invertebrates. All Reef Lobsters…
JBJ 20-Gallon Rimless Frag Tank, Stand & Orion LT-120 LED Kit
Starting at $762.99
…construction. Black. Assembly required. JBJ Orion LT-120 LED Light Fixture boasts powerful light output combined with the perfect amount of control. Brilliant 120W light output and convenient remote control allow custom lighting that enhances aquarium aesthetics while emitting PAR (Photosynthetic…
Kessil® Aquarium AP700 LED Aquarium Light
Starting at $799.99
…results. Imagine the water as light. The typical LED light has tiny chips spread over a wide area similar to the individual holes that water trickles through on the left picture with the sunflower nozzle, and puts out equally weak light. Conversely, DiCon's light has many LED chips densely grouped…
Maxspect Ethereal Add On LED Lighting System
Starting at $449.99
…close friends and coral reef aquarium enthusiasts. The coral reef and marine aquarium scene was rather dull and lack of innovation back then, reef hobbyists were using equipment that had been around for years if not decades, they were lighting their aquariums using lighting equipment such as metal…
AquaticLife Reef Edition EDGE LED Aquarium Light
Starting at $139.99
…optimal reef aquarium lighting*Independently control Bright White, Mixed Color & Moonlight LEDs*Easily program a variety of different Sunrise and Sunset effectsEnjoy brilliant reef aquarium lighting that's simple to use and sensibly priced. AquaticLife Reef Edition EDGE LED Aquarium Light appeals to…
Fluval SEA Marine Nano LED Aquarium Light - 20W
Starting at $105.99
…full-spectrum resultsIndependent color control to suit your specific color needs3 optional pre-set light configurations - Sunny Reef, Deep Sea Glo, Color Burst - for ultra-convenient habitat lightingFully adjustable positioning (up/down, side-to-side, forward/backward) to accommodate your unique…
Rod's Food Original Blend Frozen Reef Food
Starting at $20
…have to wait for "lights out" or get up early to see polyp extension on some of those difficult-to-feed LPS corals. Squirt in just a small amount of Rod's Food as a "pre-feed" stimulant to initiate a feeding response from not only your LPS corals but your whole reef. You may even see creatures…
EcoTech Marine Radion XR30W G4 LED Light Fixture
Starting at $649
…much control you take is up to you. For example, use one of the many predefined Radion lighting modes - or create your own special modes by controlling each color individually. You can even change your Radion light's intensity during the day and adjust lunar phases at night.Take EcoSmart Live to the…
Current Orbit IC LED Marine Reef Lighting System with Wireless Lighting & Pump Control
Starting at $169.97
…beginning with lighting. Orbit IC LED Marine Reef Lighting System with LOOP Wireless Lighting & Pump Control provides an innovative integrated approach to marine aquarium lighting and water movement with wireless control. High output, full spectrum light fixture boasts fully adjustable reef color…
Real Reef Eco Friendly Shelf Rock
(Calcium carbonate)
Starting at $189.99
Reef" rock will provide a solid foundation for coral in the reef aquarium, and a natural aquascape in a fish-only aquarium. "Real Reef" rock is easy to maintain in the aquarium, and makes an excellent candidate for the beginner to the expert aquarist. This type of rock requires moderate lighting and…
Giesemann VerVve Plus Primary LED Light Fixture
Starting at $729
…aquarium lighting * Highly controllable primary unit can control up to 99 replica units Stylish, German-made LED light fixture boasts amazing power, control, and expandability for flexible installation options suitable for virtually any reef aquarium display. Giesemann VerVve Plus Primary LED Light
Cabbage Leather Coral
(Sinularia brassica)
Starting at $34.99
…in the reef aquarium. Some species are toxic to stony corals. It is very easy to maintain in the reef aquarium and makes an excellent coral for the beginning to expert reef aquarist. It requires medium to high lighting combined with moderate to strong water movement. Fluorescent lighting should be…