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Refugium Light

72 products
Eshopps X-Series Mid-Level Line Axium Protein Skimmers
Starting at $259.58
…- Light Suggested Eshopps Sump Compatibility X-120 X-160 X-220 X-350 Reef Sump RS-75AZU-100 Reef Sump Reef Sump RS-100 Reef Sump RS-200 Reef Sump RS-300 R-100 RefugiumCUBE Nano RefugiumCUBE Medium Refugium R-100 Refugium R-200 Refugium
CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums
Starting at $29.99
…the need for a separate quarantine tank. Choose Suction Cup Mounted CITR2 In-Tank Refugium or Bracket Mounted CITRPRO In-Tank Refugium to suit your installation preference.CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums provide the perfect place to cultivate beneficial macroalgae for improved aquarium…
Chaetomorpha Algae, Aquacultured
(Chaetomorpha sp.)
Starting at $17.99
…Algae, is an excellent macro algae for refugiums. Each cell grows end to end, creating long, stiff strands. It grows in filamentous clumps, resembling a ball of fishing line. Cheatomorpha is a fast growing, hardy algae that is normally grown in a refugium where it absorbs nitrate and phosphate out…
Red Sea REEFER DELUXE Peninsula 500 Rimless Reef Ready System, Black
Starting at $3699
…26 HD LED lighting units with Red Sea s custom mounting system into the reef ready systems in a convenient single package. The Hydra 26 HD unit provides the most up to date LED technology, offering a full spectrum, 7 color LED configuration giving great color rendition and a multitude of lighting
Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget ChaetoMax 2-in-1 Refugium LED Aquarium Light
Starting at $70
light source for the macroalgae. An LED light set for a 10-14 hour daily photoperiod provides sufficient light without encouraging over-aggressive growth.The use of a timer automates the light schedule to make it easier to regulate the proper photoperiod. Also, be sure to run the refugium lights on…
Eshopps Curve Refugium LED Light
Starting at $71.99
Refugium Minimize equipment clutter with space-saving, refugium lighting powered by brilliant 3-watt CREE LEDs! Eshopps Curve Refugium LED Light offers a sensible refugium lighting choice with its compact space-saving design, energy efficiency, and minimal heat output. Great light for any refugium
Blue Hypnea Algae, Aquacultured ORA®
(Hypnea sp. Aquacultured ORA®)
Starting at $24.99
The ORA® Aquacultured Blue Hypnea Algae introduces uncommon beauty and coloration to reef aquariums, refugiums, and ornamental marcoalgae displays. Featuring gorgeous iridescent blue coloration, the ORA Blue Hypnea Algae is similar in appearance to Ochtodes sp. algae from the Caribbean, but this…
Ulva Lettuce Algae, Aquacultured
(Ulva sp.)
Starting at $12.99
Ulva Lettuce Algae, also known as Sea Lettuce, is an excellent macroalgae for refugiums. This nutritious leafy green algae is readily accepted by herbivorous fish as well as invertebrates like sea hares, and lettuce nudibranchs. It is a great substitute when natural algae have been depleted in the…
Eshopps 3rd Generation Refugiums
Starting at $239.99
Refugium LED Light to support healthy macroalgae growth in refugium chamber of your Eshopps 3rd Generation Advanced Series Sump.Eshopps 3rd Generation Reef Sumps include Bulkhead Fitting, 3-foot Flexible Hose, Micron Bag, and Sump Filter Foam. Model Dimensions Skimmer Compartment Refugium
Eshopps CUBE Nano Refugium
Starting at $219.99
…separately.Use the brilliant, energy-efficient Eshopps Curve Refugium LED Light to support healthy macroalgae growth in refugium chamber of your Eshopps CUBE Nano Refugium.  InstructionsTake your new Eshopps CUBE Nano Refugium out of the box and confirm you have all the parts as shown on…
Red Mangrove Propagule
(Rhizophora mangle)
Starting at $6.49
…aquarium, illuminated sump or refugium. The roots will quickly form and take hold in sand substrate or in live rock. Provide illumination for these plants through the light from the side of a metal halide, or directly under fluorescents with a light spectrum in the range of 6000°-8000°K.Mangroves…
Tufted Joint Algae
(Cymopolia barbata)
Starting at $16.99
…piece of square cut fossilized coral skeleton, Tufted Joint Algae arrives ready to anchor in the rockwork of your nano reef or refugium. Provide moderate flow and lighting with the supplementation of iron, magnesium and trace elements. High levels of phosphates or nitrates will inhibit the growth of…
AlgaGen ReefPods
(Assorted species)
Starting at $15.49
You've mastered reef lighting, perfected your water quality, now realize the amazing potential of adding a diverse live plankton community to your ecosystem! Copepods are a major component of marine zooplankton, and play a significant role in the oceanic food chain. Establishing active zooplankton…
Tube Anemone
(Ceriathus sp.)
Starting at $59.99
…green.The ideal aquarium for the Tube Anemone is one with a deep sand bed, plenty of live rock and a refugium for a natural food source. They are non-photosynthetic and do not require intense lighting. In fact, they are nocturnal in nature and will take time to begin to open during the illuminated…
Maiden's Hair Plant
(Chlorodesmis sp.)
Starting at $29.99
…that will bring a diversity of color and form to your marine refugium.Provide the Maiden's Hair plant with a moderate to strong water current and lighting. These plants are a wonderfull breeding ground for beneficial crustaceans like amphipods and copepods. This species is sensitive to high levels…