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Refugium Tank

90 products
Resplendent Anthias
(Pseudanthias pulcherrimus)
Starting at $34.99
…generally stay in the middle levels of the tank, but also require plenty of caves, ledges, and other hiding places. Although a 70-gallon tank will suffice for one fish, if keeping a group of one male and several females, a 125-gallon tank or larger tank is needed.Anthias species all share the trait…
CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums
Starting at $49.99
…tissue without the need for a separate quarantine tank. Choose Suction Cup Mounted CITR2 In-Tank Refugium or Bracket Mounted CITRPRO In-Tank Refugium to suit your installation preference.CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums provide the perfect place to cultivate beneficial macroalgae…
Eshopps Curve Refugium LED Light
Starting at $79.99
…growth * Fits such refugiums with panels up to 3/8" thick as the Eshopps Refugium Minimize equipment clutter with space-saving, refugium lighting powered by brilliant 3-watt CREE LEDs! Eshopps Curve Refugium LED Light offers a sensible refugium lighting choice with its compact…
Refugium Starter Kit
(Assorted sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…as a detritivore. Tisbe will also enter the water column as food for your filter feeding reef inhabitants and replenish the adult population vital to tank hygiene (100 - 200 count). The Refugium Starter Kit is guaranteed to arrive alive but is exempt from our extended guarantee after their arrival.
Eshopps CUBE Nano Refugium
Starting at $199
…showing.The Refugium Foam (#5) should already be in place between the two dividers of the skimmer compartment and the refugium compartment.Insert the 3-foot Flexible Hose (#3) into the bulkhead fitting and connect it to the overflow box on your tank. Parts Listing for CUBE Nano Refugium
Refugium Mineral Mud
Starting at $35.61
…for refugiums, CaribSea Refugium Mineral Mud supplies trace elements, iodine, minerals, and nutrients, helping create a beneficial environment for aquarium food such as copepods, burrowing worms, decapods, and other sump organisms. CaribSea Refugium Mineral Mud can also help boost your refugium's
Eshopps CUBE Medium Refugium
Starting at $279.99
…will be showing.The Refugium Foam (#5) should already be in place between the two dividers of the skimmer compartment and the refugium compartment. If not, place it there.Insert the 3-foot Flexible Hose (#3) into the Bulkhead Fitting and connect it to the Overflow Box on your tank. NOTE: There are…
CaribSea A.R.K. Aragonite Refugium Kit
Starting at $80.47
…the combined gallons of the main tank and the refugium. Begin using Purple Up according to the directions, again, based on the gallons of the main tank only. At this time, livestock can be added. Small pieces of live rock or live rubble can be added to the refugium to begin the growth of coralline…
Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget ChaetoMax 2-in-1 Refugium LED Aquarium Light
Starting at $70
*Encourages refugium algae and plants to grow to their fullest potential*Mounts horizontally or vertically to your all-in-one tank*Designed for sumps and AIO aquarium setupsInnovative Marine Designed for maximum macro algae growth, this AUQA Gadget ChaetoMax 2-in-1 Refugium LED Aquarium Light from…
Eshopps Pacific Reservoir Tank
Starting at $109.99
…10-100 gallons Large(Mfg.# 95830) 16" x 10" x 14" high 10 gallons 100-200 gallons The Medium and Large Pacific Reservoir Tank is a reservoir tank with a built-in float valve that can hold up to 5 gallons and 10 gallons of water respectively to help maintain the water level in sumps.…
Eshopps 3rd Generation Refugiums
Starting at $239.99
…macroalgae growth in refugium chamber of your Eshopps 3rd Generation Advanced Series Sump.Eshopps 3rd Generation Reef Sumps include Bulkhead Fitting, 3-foot Flexible Hose, Micron Bag, and Sump Filter Foam. Model Dimensions Skimmer Compartment Refugium Compartment Tank Usage/Intake(s) …
JBJ 20-Gallon Rimless Frag Tank
Starting at $299
…powerful water flow. JBJ Rimless Frag Tank includes a 3-stage Filter Media Basket installed with a mechanical filter sponge to trap debris, activated carbon for chemical filtration, and ceramic rings for biological filtration. Designated heater column and refugium column allows convenient custom…
Coralife Mini Aqualight T-5 Dual Lamp Fixture replacement Lamps
Starting at $5.99
…The refugium light is timed to come on when the aquarium lights go off. This causes the macroalgae in the refugium to enter into photosynthesis while corals and coralline algae in the main tank are in a period of photorespiration. When the refugium light is turned off and the main tank lights…
Cobalt Aquatics 8000K Mini LED Light
Starting at $59.99
…320 Lumens at 8,000K, it s the perfect light for growing plants, and its sleek, modern design makes it an ideal choice for your nano tank, terrarium, or refugium. The unit only uses six watts of power and its advanced LED technology provides 50,000 hours of operating life, making it a highly energy…
CaribSea Rubble Zone
Starting at $16.13
…for use in refugiums, marine aquariums, cichlid tanks AND pondsRubble-sized pieces of high quality aragonitic calcium carbonate allow versatile use for your aquarium projects. CaribSea Rubble Zone is your perfect choice whether you're looking to aquascape, add a productive refugium, create a cryptic…