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Aruba Sun T5 Low Profile Retrofit Lighting Kit
Starting at $279.95
*T5 HO & LED retrofit kit for easy aquarium lighting upgrades*Separate power cords allow custom 24-hour aquarium lighting*Low-profile retrofit kit installs neatly in your aquarium canopySpace-saving, low-profile combination retrofit kit lets you quickly, easily upgrade your aquarium lighting. Each…
CoralVue End Caps & Push Mount Stand Offs
Starting at $6
…fluorescent retrofit kits and what is retrofitting?Compact fluorescent retrofit kits are an assembly of fundamental working parts of a compact fluorescent light fixture. The retrofit kit is usually comprised of endcaps with leads and a ballast assembly with power plugs - in some retrofit kits a…
Vue660 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast
Starting at $159.95
*Versatile ballast drives various fluorescent aquarium lamps*Drive up to 4 VHO, T5 HO or compact fluorescent lamps up to 440W*Powerful electronic ballast perfect for custom aquarium lightingReliable performance and flexibility to take on custom aquarium lighting installation projects! Vue660…
Marineland LED Aquarium Hood
Starting at $39.99
…will give you the most options when it comes to designing custom lighting systems for both saltwater reef and freshwater planted aquariums. A retro-fit lighting system can be simply mounted to the top of the wooden canopy and holes can be drilled in the sides for installing fans. For more powerful…