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Rosy Barb, Male
(Puntius conchonius)
Starting at $2.19
…aquarium, but leave plenty of space for swimming. The Rosy Barb is a schooling fish and enjoys being in numbers. If in a large enough school, they typically will not bother any other fish in the aquarium.It is best, when trying to breed the Rosy Barb, to house two females with one male. Provide a…
Coral Hogfish
(Bodianus mesothorax)
Starting at $36.99
The Coral Hogfish, also known as Eclipse Hogfish or Mesothorax Hogfish. Juveniles are burgundy with yellow spots and as they develop into adults they loose the spots and have a burgundy face with rosy-yellow posterior, separated by a black stripe. It is a beneficial fish for cleaning parasites off…
Momo Botan Lotus
(Nelumbo nucifera "momo botan")
Starting at $39.99
All Asia lotus varieties available today are hybrid variations of Nelumbo nucifera. The "Momo botan" is a miniature lotus that grows 12-15" leaves, and stands between 2' and 4' tall. The flowers on this lotus are "double flowers" resembling peonies. Momo botan translates to like a peach colored…
Longnose Atlantic Butterflyfish
(Prognathodes aculeatus)
Starting at $89.99
The Longnose Atlantic Butterfly, also known as Poey's Butterflyfish, Caribbean Longsnout Butterflyfish, and the Rosy Butterflyfish, is a hardy deep reef inhabitant ideal for showcase aquariums. In addition to its distinctive pointed snout, the Longnose Atlantic Butterflyfish is amber in the center…
Candy Cane Tetra
(Hyphessobrycon sp. HY511)
Starting at $4.49
…has not been officially given a scientific name. The Candy Cane Tetra is a member of the Characidae Family that is often confused with the similar Rosy Tetra. The ideal aquarium setup for the Candy Cane Tetra should include a variety of live plants, rocks and driftwood to recreate natural habitat…
Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse
(Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis)
Starting at $79.99
The Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse, also known as the Rosy-scales Fairy Wrasse, originates from the waters surrounding the Maldives islands. The Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse is a small colorful wrasse with the front part of the body being red in coloration with the remainder being yellow. As the fish matures,…
Bali Lunate Anthias
(Pseudanthias cf. lunulatus)
Starting at $59.99
The Bali Lunate Anthias is an uncommon deepwater Anthias rarely seen in the aquarium trade. Similar in appearance to the popular Bimaculatus Anthias, the Bali Lunate Anthias is a gorgeously colored fish demonstrating beautiful shades of rosy-pinks and reds intermingled with veins of golden yellow…