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Rusty Angelfish
(Centropyge ferrugata)
Starting at $26.99
The Rusty Angelfish is aptly named for its predominate red or amber coloration punctuated with black dots that decrease in size from dorsal to anal and pelvic fins. The anal fin is dark and both the dorsal and anal fins are rimmed in bright, sapphire-blue.The Rusty Angelfish requires at least a 70…
Purple Rim Danae Montipora Coral, Aquacultured
(Montipora danae)
Starting at $39.99
…sports a vibrant turquoise-green body color accentuated by a rich, purple colored growth edge to spectacular effect. If that wasn't enough, deep rusty maroon colored polyps punctuate its surface for a super display of color. Highly textural tuberculae form ridges and valleys that ripple across the…
Rusty Gorgonian
(Gorgonia sp.)
Starting at $39.99
The Rusty Gorgonian is common among the reefs of the Caribbean and grows in a vertical, tree-like fashion. The branches are yellow to brown in appearance and have a bumpy texture when the polyps are not expanded. The polyps of this gorgonian are very small and white, and are often expanded during…
Rusty Pink Millepora, Aquacultured
(Acropora millepora)
Starting at $29.99
Brilliant Rusty Pink Millepora creates a visual contrast of deep red coloration in the home aquarium. Aquacultured for optimal health, this beautiful coral species exhibits the branching or tabling growth of other Acropora, but with color intensity often unmatched in the home reef aquarium. Like…
Red Sea Two-band Clownfish, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Amphiprion bicinctus)
Starting at $24.99
…broodstock originates from the reefs of the Red Sea. A member of the Clarkii complex, the Red Sea Two Banded Clownfish sports a mustard yellow to rusty orange coloration with 2 white bars located on its head and mid-body. Winning a spot among hobbyists of all levels as one of their favorite fish…
Eshopps S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers
Starting at $299.99
…convenient compared to the traditional body skimmer that utilizes screws to lock the body in place Traditional skimmer with screws may sometime turn rusty and makes it difficult to turnQuick Release Pump Lock Quick release of pump by loosening the screw to slide the pump locks out to remove the pump…