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542 products
Radial Filefish, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Acreichthys radiatus)
Starting at $59.99
…1,727 miles. LiveAquaria s Kevin Kohen then took them under his expert care for the next couple of years ending their travel plans at ORA s facility another 1,353 miles. This pair of Radial Filefish quickly became active, happy and producing the newest edition to ORA s list of Captive-Bred fish.…
Aquaforest® Bio S Nitrifying Bacteria
Starting at $9.99
…Aquaforest Bio S Nitrifying Bacteria contains Nitrospira and Nitrobacter bacteria to accelerate the removal of ammonia and other toxic organic compounds. Establish the nitrogen cycle and create a friendly microbiological environment for your first aquarium inhabitants.Use Aquaforest Bio S Nitrifying…
Aquaforest® Pro Bio S Probiotic Bacteria
Starting at $9.99
…Pro Bio S Probiotic Bacteria contains several specially-selected bacteria strains that transform phosphate and nitrates to a biomass, which can be easily removed by a protein skimmer or consumed by corals, sponges, clams, and many filter feeders.Highly-concentrated Aquaforest Pro Bio S Probiotic…
9.8" Fluval® S-Curved Scissors
Starting at $19.99
*Curved tips for greater pruning control*Carbonized stainless steel construction for lasting quality*Ideal for pruning smaller foreground plants Easily prune and maintain your small foreground aquatic plants with these 9.8" Fluval® S-Curved Scissors. The comfortable, ergonomic design features a…
O.S.I. Spirulina Flake Food
Starting at $4.99
* Fortified spirulina flake food for all freshwater and marine fish * Natural color enhancer plus beta carotene for vibrant fish color * Contains stabilized Vitamin C for healthier fish Ocean Star International is recognized around the globe as a manufacturer of premium…
O.S.I. Brine Shrimp Eggs
Starting at $3.99
*100% artemia cysts (brine shrimp eggs) with high hatch rate*Hatched nauplii are nutritious food for aquarium fish and corals*Tested for hatchability to ensure a reliable source of live aquarium foodHarvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. These eggs are washed, dried and vacuum packed for…
Hikari Marine-A & Marine-S
Starting at $5.29
* Slow-sinking pellets help eliminate overfeeding * Helps enhance fish coloration * A healthy blend of proteins, vitamins, and minerals Protein-rich staple diet for popular marine aquarium fish. Nutritious daily diet boasts flavor that appeals to all types of marine fishes and most crustaceans.…
O.S.I. Marine Flake Food
Starting at $10.99
* Easy-to-digest flakes offer balanced aquarium fish nutrition * Strong natural attractants entice tropical marine fish * Aquarium flake food with stabilized Vitamin C and natural color-enhancers * Won't cloud aquarium water Ocean Star International is recognized…
O.S.I. Spirulina Pellets
Starting at $9.99
*Medium sized pellet food for freshwater & marine aquarium fish*Provides aquarium fish excellent nutrition and color enhancement*Slowly sinking pellets suit varied feeding preference of aquarium fishesA special, vitamin-fortified diet containing a high concentration of rich spirulina, an algae which…
O.S.I. Sinking Shrimp Pellets
Starting at $44.99
* Contains strong, natural attractants and is easy to digest * Softens easily in water, but won't cloud aquarium * Contains stabilized Vitamin C Easy-to-digest formula appeals to both marine and freshwater aquarium fish. This unique pellet food softens easily in water,…
O.S.I. Freshwater Flake Foods
Starting at $8.99
* Strong natural attractants * Color-enhancing pigments * Stabilized Vitamin C * Won't cloud aquarium water * Easy to digest Ocean Star International is recognized around the globe as a manufacturer of premium quality fish foods. All their products are…
Kent Marine Hi-S Deionization Cartridge
Starting at $39.99
*Replacement deionization cartridge for aquarium RO DI units*Dual stage deionization cartridge with high silicate removal resin*Use with standard full-size reverse osmosis deionization unitsReplace exhausted DI cartridges to ensure highest quality water for aquarium use. Kent Marine Hi-S…
Kent Marine Hi-S RO Membrane
Starting at $84.99
*Replacement membrane for aquarium reverse osmosis units*High silicate removal membrane removes up to 99.5% of silicate*Use with standard, full-size aquarium reverse osmosis unitsReplace exhausted reverse osmosis membranes to ensure reliable production of high quality RO water for aquarium use. Kent…
Coralife LED AQUALIGHT-S Aquarium Lighting
Starting at $96.99
*LED strip light with independent White, Blue, and RGB LED control*Use to sustain and grow low to medium light level corals & plants*24-hour timer & RF remote control simplify custom aquarium lightingSmartly priced, high-performance LED lighting ideal for low to medium light level coral and plants.…
Red Sea MAX® S-Series 650 - White
Starting at $6199
…Internal Waterproof sump compartment, dedicated chiller compartmant X Length Display tank (MAX S Including Color Trim) 160 cm (63") Width Display tank (MAX S Including Color Trim) 70 cm (27.5") Height Display tank 64 cm (25") Total system…