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Saltwater Parasites

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Piscine Energetics Frozen Mysis Shrimp
Starting at $9.49
* Frozen freshwater mysis shrimp for fresh and saltwater aquarium fish * Mysis relicta are an excellent food extremely high in nutritional value * Induces an energetic feeding response in even finicky aquarium fish Encourage exceptional appetite and growth - even in finicky aquarium fish! Piscine…
Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe®
Starting at $7.64
…Velvet/Protozoan diseases and other external parasites. Ichthyophthirius (Ich) - White spot disease is caused by a parasite that attacks all freshwater and saltwater fish species. The fish appears to be covered by numerous white spots. The parasite is easily transmitted from one fish to another.…
Ruby Reef RALLY
Starting at $19.99
…& marine aquarium fish*For rapid control of external parasites and pathogenic bacteria*Safe for all aquarium fish, corals, plants, and invertebratesCopper-free aquarium pharmaceutical for effective control and elimination of external parasites and pathogenic bacteria. Ruby Reef RALLY boasts a unique…
General Cure
Starting at $129.99
…variety of parasitic diseases * Effective fish medication for use in fresh and saltwater aquariums * Treats a wide variety of parasitic diseases Easy-to-use fish medication contains metronidazole and praziquantel in quick-dissolve powder form. Treats a wide variety of parasitic diseases -…
Marineland All-In-One Remedy
Starting at $6.99
…for freshwater aquarium fish*Treatment for external parasites, viral, fungal, & bacterial infections*All-in-one remedy takes the guesswork out of fighting fish infectionsEnjoy convenient single treatment solution for external parasites, viral, fungal, and bacterial infections of aquarium fish.…
Microbe-Lift Herbal Actives Herbtana
Starting at $18.37
…days.Herbtana causes the removal or dropping of parasites from their host. During treatment, parasites are unable to return to the host and starve. While Microbe-Lift Herbtana does not directly kill parasites, it is ultimately responsible for parasite death. Directions for UseShake thoroughly…
API Copper Test Kit
Starting at $8.89
…Individual kit performs 90 tests * For use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums Allows easy and accurate monitoring of copper levels to maintain copper-based fish treatments at therapeutic levels. Copper, a common treatment for many parasitic infections, must be monitored in an aquarium or a pond.…
Fritz Aquatics Mardel Herbal Treatments Parashield
Starting at $10.99
…infection to help prevent the spread of the parasite to fish in the aquarium. Fritz Aquatics Mardel Herbal Treatments Parashield is safe for all freshwater and saltwater fish, invertebrates, and plants. Reef safe. 4 oz treats 590 gallons.Common Parasites of FishIck: Small white spots may cover…
Ruby Reef HydroPlexTM
Starting at $19.99
…and/or antibiotics.Pond MaintenanceOutdoor goldfish and Koi ponds are chronically plagued by algal blooms and fish parasites. However, many parasite problems can be avoided if the parasites are not introduced with new fish. Therefore, immediately prior to adding new goldfish or Koi to a pond, they…
Omega One Garlic Marine Flakes for all Marine Fish
Starting at $7.64
…excellent diet for the community saltwater aquarium.Whole herring is the first ingredient and features additional quality Alaskan seafood such as salmon, halibut, krill, shrimp and more as protein sources. Added garlic provides incredible palatability and supports parasite resistance. Fishmeal-free…
Seachem Garlic Guard
Starting at $10.55
…Vitamin C for enhanced health benefits. For fresh and saltwater fish, planted and reef aquariums.Directions for Use: Shake well before use. Soak food in Garlic Guard before feeding. For enhanced effectiveness against Ich and other parasites use Seachem's Focus and Metronidazole as follows: Add 1…
AquaticLife Twist-In TFC RO Membrane Filter Cartridge, 100 gpd
Starting at $59.99
…The RO Membrane reduces impurities known as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from the water down to 1/10,000 of a micron, reducing arsenic, lead, parasitic cysts, copper and more.SpecificationsCartridge Dimensions: 2.75" diameter x 11.00" highMinimum Water Pressure: 30 PSISuggested Water Pressure:…
Aquarium Solutions PraziPro
Starting at $11.79
* Liquidpraziquantel treatment for aquarium parasites * Effective against suseptible disease conditions in fresh or saltwater aquariums * May also be used as a preventive for flukes, tapeworm, and flatworms The first ready-to-use liquid concentrate praziquantel treatment for…
Aquaforest® Garlic Oil
Starting at $9.99
…Oil is a natural garlic extract supplement that helps maintain strong immune system health essential for natural defense against viruses and parasites. Aquaforest Garlic Oil is highly recommended for use during the treatment and quarantine of aquarium fish. Suitable for use in freshwater and marine…
NO-ICH Marine
Starting at $9.99
…fish, while too little will enable the parasite to thrive & continue its ravaging damage.NO-ICH by Fish Vet has solved these problems with a treatment that:Treats the water and eliminates parasites such as the "white spot" protozoan, as well as parasitic copepods, while not affecting any of your…