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Saltwater Sponge

88 products
Yellow Line Goby, Captive-Bred
(Elacatinus figaro)
Starting at $29.99
…fight with its own kind unless they are a mated pair. They commonly inhabit sponges in the wild such as vase or tube sponges. These sponge are not a necessity for aquarium life, as they will readily adapt to any saltwater community or reef aquarium.The Captive-Bred Yellow Line Goby feeds on a…
Kent Marine Nitrogen Sponge
Starting at $9.99
…use*Fosters anaerobic bacteria to naturally remove aquarium nitrates*Granular zeolitic media directly remove ammonia in freshwater aquariumsNitrogen Sponge is a granular zeolitic medium which works by two methods: 1) It slowly, but directly adsorbs small amounts of ammonia that are released by fish…
Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Basic Sponge Cartridge
Starting at $2.79
…dissolved organics and house beneficial microorganisms to maintain water quality. The Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Basic Sponge Cartridge works for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and will treat up to 20 gallons for one month. Dimensions0.07 lbs, 1.42 x 4.72 x 7.87 inches About Cobalt…
Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Carbon Sponge Cartridge
Starting at $3.29
…microorganisms to maintain water quality. The Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Carbon Sponge Cartridge is perfect of use in all aquariums, terrariums and turtle habitats, and works for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and will treat up to 20 gallons for one month.Dimensions0.07 lbs, 1.42…
Hikari Mega-Marine Angel
Starting at $3.99
* Developed specifically for saltwater angelfish * Vitamin enriched * Promotes better digestion, faster growth, and more vibrant colors Developed specifically for saltwater angelfish and their dietary need for sponge. High in freshwater to streamline digestion and help purge…
Hydor Universal Pump (formerly Seltz L)
Starting at $31.19
…pump. Extremely quiet and reliable operation. Includes adjustable mounting base with suction cups, barbed fittings, and pre-filter sponge. For fresh or saltwater use. Model Dimensions MaxHead gph Inlet Outlet Watts Pump 185(Seltz L20) 3-3/4" x 2" x 3-1/4" h 4.16 ft 185 1/2" 1/2" 11 Pump 320(Seltz…
Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor Replacement Foam Discs & O-Ring
Starting at $0.99
…in place). Pour the water from the reactor into the bucket. Remove the top dispersion plate and sponge. Take the reactor column over a trash bin and spill out the PhosBan media. Rinse the reactor sponges with a strong jet of water. Never use soap or detergents of any kind. Reassemble the reactor per…
San Francisco Bay Brand Angel & Butterfly Diet
Starting at $3.99
…with mysis shrimp, pieces of sponge, krill, mussel, squid, brine shrimp, and spinach to tempt even reluctant reef aquarium fish. This complete diet is formulated with marine Angels and Butterflyfish in mind but is a great frozen food choice for all marine saltwater aquarium fish. 3-1/2 oz.Feeding…
Justin Credabel's GonioPower® Coral Food
Starting at $9.13
…all filter-feeding invertebrates, such as soft and stony corals, anemones, feather duster worms, clams, sponges, and tunicates. Simply mix this irresistible powdered coral food with saltwater, and target feed with a baster or Julian's Thing®. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 50% min. Crude Fat…
JBJ SK-45 Protein Skimmer
Starting at $79.73
…body of SK-45.Bubble Trap SpongesIt is recommended to replace out Bubble Trap Sponges every 6 months.SK-45 utilizes two (2) Bubble Trap Sponges.Internal Sponge - Located inside main body of SK-45External Sponge - Located over the Water Level Control PipeReplacing External Bubble Trap SpongeUnplug…
CaribSea A.R.K. Aragonite Refugium Kit
Starting at $80.47
…added to the refugium to begin the growth of coralline algae, small invertebrates, sponges and more, which will reproduce within the desirable environment created by the ARK. These microflora, microfauna, and sponges can provide a valuable food source for hard-to-feed reef tenants such as angelfish,…
Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler
Starting at $43.92
…use with freshwater and saltwater egg-laying fish. Requires an aquarium air pump for operation, sold separately.Cobalt Aquatics Egg-Rocker Fish Egg Tumbler includes an Adjustable Valve, 15" Airline Tubing, Reusable/Cleanable Air Diffuser, Uplift Tube Assembly, Sponge Filter, Stainless Steel Screen…
Eshopps Nano Skimmer
Starting at $129.99
…Italian-made Sicce Micra venturi pump with needle-wheel impeller. A flurry of waste-removing bubbles is generated to help maintain cleaner, clearer saltwater aquariums.Eshopps Nano Skimmer features a magnetic mount that allows adjustable positioning for optimum placement. Removable collection cup…
HM Digital pH HydroTester PH-80
Starting at $25.17
…simple!The PH-80 measures pH and temperature with superior accuracy. Water-resistant pH meter is ideal for measuring pH levels in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. pH measurement range of 0-14 with a 0.1 resolution accurate within +/-0.02. Temperature measurement range of 33-176°F with a resolution…
Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 550 Kit with Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO 1200 Water Pump
Starting at $86.99
…although the flow must be reduced using the supplied ball valve.Slide one of the sponges onto the long tube so that it rests on top of the dispersion plate. Insert this assembly into the reactor column. Keep the lower sponge resting on top of the dispersion plate when you insert it into the reactor…