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Saltwater Tank Setup

168 products
Dennerle Scaper's Tank Complete Aquascaping Aquarium
Starting at $149.99
…appliances or on furniture with surfaces, which are susceptible to staining with water. Please note the total weights of the setup filled with water: Scaper's Tank 10 = approximately 100 lbs..Before setting up the aquarium, fill with water to ensure there are no leaks. Leave the aquarium in…
JBJ 20-Gallon Rimless Frag Tank & Stand Kit
Starting at $305.49
*All-in-one rimless coral propagation tank with matching cabinet stand *Perfect setup for growing out corals or a stylish shallow reef display*Enjoy a professional-looking display with convenient added storageStylish all-in-one aquarium great for coral propagation available with matching cabinet…
CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums
Starting at $29.99
…and Saltwater aquariums.CITRPRO In-Tank RefugiumCarefully remove all packaging and inspect the unit for damaged or missing parts. You should have:(1) CITRPRO Body(1) Hanging Bracket(1) Set of Adjustment Screws and Pins (6 Screws and 2 Pins)Place the Hanging Bracket on the vertical tank wall…
CaribSea South Seas Base Rock
Starting at $83.07
…every unique piece!CaribSea South Seas Base Rock is perfect for a wide variety of aquarium styles including marine, reef, saltwater fish-only setups, African cichlid tanks and any hard water aquarium. CaribSea South Seas Base Rock is an excellent cost-effective choice in large reef aquariums. Simply…
JBJ 20-Gallon Rimless Frag Tank, Stand & Orion LT-120 LED Kit
Starting at $762.99
*AIO coral propagation tank complete with cabinet stand & LED light*Perfect setup for growing out corals or a stylish shallow reef display*Great package savings on trusted JBJ-brand aquarium equipmentSet up a professional-looking coral propagation tank complete with matching cabinet stand and LED…
Aquaforest® Carbon
Starting at $12.99
*Quality granulated activated carbon for effective chemical filtration*Highly-porous granules remove undesirable aquarium pollutants*Improves water clarity in both marine and freshwater aquariumsHigh quality granulated active carbon for effective removal of aquarium pollutants. Aquaforest Carbon…
Eheim CompactON 5000 Water Pump
Starting at $199.99
…OR marine aquariums.The Eheim CompactON 5000 Water Pump features a compact design for easy installation and a comfortable fit in most aquarium setups. Designed to help you truly enjoy your aquarium, this compact pump works silently and can be modified for use outside of aquarium water.The Eheim…
Marineland Magniflow Canister Filters
Starting at $135.99
*Powerful, complete 3-stage filtration for fresh and saltwater aquariums*Maintains clean, healthy filtered water for aquariums up to 100 gallons*Fast, convenient setup/maintenance for aquarium success made easyPowerful 3-stage canister with easy-access design keeps set up and maintenance simple and…
Hydor Slim Skim Protein Skimmers
Starting at $49.99
…protein skimmer for small aquariums * Easy-to-use protein skimmer with hobbyist-friendly features * Magnet-suction cups ease placement in saltwater aquariums Revolutionary internal protein skimmer boasts outstanding energy-efficient performance. The sleek Hydor Slim Skim Protein Skimmer is…
Eheim CompactON Water Pumps
Starting at $29.99
…freshwater OR marine aquariums.Eheim CompactON Water Pumps feature a compact design for easy installation and a comfortable fit in most aquarium setups. Designed to help you truly enjoy your aquarium, these petite pumps work silently (2100 and 3000 models even feature a ceramic bearing). Eheim…
Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter
Starting at $339.99
…water For fresh and saltwater aquariums Features Smart Pump Technology for optimal filter performance, efficiency and management Advanced motor technology provides better performance and reliability while consuming 10% less electricity Click-Fit AquaStop Valves allow fast setup and leak-proof…
Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump
Starting at $32.97
…transporting water or driving a variety of aquarium devices including canister filters or UV clarifiers. Silent, inline pump boasts dual internal (in tank) or external (out-of-tank) use while drawing just 8 watts of electricity. 5/8" hose barbs and locking rings allow convenient installation. Sleek,…
Aquaforest® Pro Bio S Probiotic Bacteria
Starting at $16.74
…recommended to place in the sump, additional biological filter media such as Siporax or sand. Aquaforest Pro Bio S Probiotic Bacteria protects your tank against pathogenic organisms. Recommended to use in conjunction with Aquaforest -NP Pro or Pro Bio F.General InformationAquaforest Vision:"For…
Aquaforest® Fish V Fish Vitamin
Starting at $16.74
…Suitable for use in freshwater and marine aquariums. Dosage1 drop per portion of frozen food, or 1 drop per 27 gallons directly into the tank. This product is intended solely for aquarium use. Store in a dry and cool place away from light. Keep away from children.Contains concentrated fish…
Aquaforest® Bio S Nitrifying Bacteria
Starting at $16.74
*Concentrated blend of nitrifying bacteria (Nitrospira and Nitrobacter)*Accelerate the removal of toxic ammonia & nitrogenous compounds*Speed up the nitrogen cycle of new freshwater or marine aquariumsStart your new aquarium faster and safer with this concentrated blend of specially-selected…