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291 products
CaribSea Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand
Starting at $33.3
…live sand makes starting a new aquarium faster and safer*Packaged in a breathable bag with a thin film of real ocean water*Used by the foremost public aquariums, research and government institutions, and professionals worldwidePackaged in a breathable bag with a thin film of real ocean water (sand
CaribSea Instant Aquarium Tahitian Moon Reef & Marine Substrate
Starting at $22.65
…aquarium substrate contains no artificial dyes or paints*Gorgeous black sand enhances rich coloration of aquarium fishSet off brilliant coloration of tropical marine fish with beautiful, black sand. Use CaribSea Tahitian Moon Reef & Marine Substrate for spectacular "high-definition"…
Sand Banks
Starting at $6.99
* Handcrafted ornaments from Zanusa enhance the look of any aquarium * Use Sand Banks to build decorative or functional terraces in aquariums * Create a one-of-a-kind aquatic landscape with varying elevation Add dimension and definition to your aquascaping with decorative…
CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand
Starting at $41.42
*Aragonite sand free of impurities such as ash, metals, and pesticides*Use Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand to create a safe and beautiful aquarium*Functional marine substrate increases buffering capacity of your aquariumBeautiful and versatile Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand is the perfect substrate…
CaribSea Instant Aquarium Freshwater Substrates
Starting at $22.65
* Beautiful and functional substrate for freshwater aquariums * Sand and gravel packed with water containing beneficial bacteria * "Live" substrate conditions and cycles newly setup aquariums Condition and cycle new setups with beautiful Instant Aquarium substrate. Setting up…
Nature's Ocean Bio-Active Reef Sand and Reef Substrate
Starting at $19.99
* Reef sand and substrates remove nitrogenous wastes quickly to stabilize your aquarium * Functional marine substrate helps maintain proper pH and buffering capacity * Millions of live marine bacteria promote natural balance in saltwater aquariums Bio-Activ Live Aragonite® sand and substrate mix…
Two Little Fishies Outsanding Selections Live Aragonite Sand
Starting at $23.01
Sand. When filling the aquarium, pour the additional seawater over a plate placed on the sand to prevent the water stream from stirring the sand. The slight cloudiness in the water from freshly added sand will clear after a few hours of water circulation. Outsanding Selections Live Aragonite Sand
Calico Oranda Goldfish
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $6.99
…well-rounded river rocks, the Calico Oranda will appreciate hardy, cold water plants. Keep in mind that goldfish are diggers and will scatter the fine sand onto leaves, injuring thin and less hardy plants.There appears to be a definite courtship ritual when goldfish breed. Breeding often results in…
Detritus Attack Pack - Mega
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $89.99
…will provide enough cleaning power for the size aquarium you are working on. Mega Detritus Attack Pack is a formidable offense that will keep your sand bed sifted in their continuous search for detritus to eat. Each pack is recruited by tank size and includes an adequately stocked army of Cerith…
Easy Cleaning Algae Mitt
Starting at $3.69
…watch as the algae is easily removed! 8-1/2" x 6". Directions for Use: Before each use, wet the pad, and then gently rub surfaces to be cleaned. Avoid getting sand or gravel on the pad as these will cause scratches to surfaces. Rinse pad with tap water after each use. Lay flat or hang dry.
Long Tentacle Anemone, Purple
(Macrodactyla doreensis)
Starting at $89.99
The Long Tentacle Anemone is also referred to as the Corkscrew Anemone, Sand Anemone, Red Base Anemone, and Long Tentacle Red Base Anemone. Its tentacles are spaced further apart than other similar anemones. This variation of the Long Tentacle Anemone has purple tentacles and a red base. This is a…
Bennett's Sharpnose Puffer
(Canthigaster bennetti)
Starting at $29.99
…also called Bennett's Toby, Roseband Sharpnose Puffer, Roseband Toby or Exquisite Toby. In the wild, the Bennett's Sharpnose Puffer inhabits open sand slopes and rubble zones located in reef flats and sheltered lagoons. This fact sheds new insight to the seemingly ornamental coloration and pattering…
Aqueon ProFlex Sumps
Starting at $159.99
…before aquarium water enters the main sump chamber. Ample sump space ensures convenient placement of optional protein skimmer, live rock, live sand, macroalgae and more for a truly customized filtration system. Durable sump filtration system features clean-line design for an aesthetically pleasing…
BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet
Starting at $7.99
…to remove algae. Move both horizontally and vertically during cleaning. Be careful while cleaning near the bottom of the aquarium, as gravel and sand can become trapped between the cleaning pad and the aquarium wall, potentially causing scratching. For best results, clean only within 1/2" of the…
CaribSea Eco-Complete African Cichlid Substrates
Starting at $22.39
…pound bags. SmallGrainSize LargeGrainSize Cichlid Sand 0.5 mm 1.5 mm Ivory Coast 1.0 mm 2.5 mm Cichlid Gravel 4.0 mm 10.0 mm Zack Black 4.0 mm 10.0 mm White Sand 1.0 mm 2.0 mm Shop all aquarium gravel.Please specify: Sand, White Sand, Zack Black, Gravel, or Ivory Coast.For best results, use…