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Acares Midget Reef Chromis
(Chromis acares)
Starting at $29.99
Acares Midget Reef Chromis, electrifies marine aquariums with an unexpected flash of color. A school of Acares Midget Reef Chromis will immediately transform any large fish only, or reef aquarium into a noteworthy setup. The hardy Acares Midget Reef Chromis boast ease of care and a peaceful demeanor…
Teardrop Ocellaris Clownfish, Captive-Bred
(Amphiprion ocellaris)
Starting at $16.99
…immature when hatched. Meaning that the fry do not have a pre-determined sex, and develop into males or females depending on the hierarchy of the school. A pair will lay eggs along the base of the host anemone, using it to protect the eggs. The eggs normally appear orange in color. Without proper…
Sunset Anthias
(Pseudanthias parvirostris)
Starting at $44.99
…more common color variations is predominantly yellow highlighted with red on the anal and caudal fins. In the wild, Shortsnouts are often found in schools, swimming at depths of 200 feet and so do well in an aquarium with similar tank mates.Sunset Anthias generally stay in the middle levels of the…
Flashlight Fish
(Anomalops katoptron)
Starting at $89.99
…make an unforgettable display in the aquarium. One interesting fact about this species is that in certain locales around the world, skippers follow schools of Flashlight Fish in order to safely navigate through reef passes at night.This nocturnal fish is well suited for the specialized aquarium that…
Limbaughi Chromis
(Chromis limbaughi)
Starting at $44.99
…purple.It is a very hardy fish found in a variety of aquariums. It is commonly kept long term, in small schools, and used by beginners to learn the hobby. It may also be included in larger schools in show tanks. It is a peaceful fish, and adds a dramatic effect to the tank. The Limbaughi Chromis…
Albino Buenos Aires Tetra
(Hemigrammus caudovittatus)
Starting at $3.99
…aquarium. It has a slender silver body with red fins.The Buenos Aires Tetra can be housed in a aquarium with other soft water fish. Tetras are a schooling fish that work well in groups of six or more fish of the same species. Artificial plants, rocks and driftwood help to enhance its natural habitat…
Odessa Barb
(Puntius sp.)
Starting at $2.99
The Odessa Barb is sometimes known as the Scarlet Barb, and the body of the female is silver and pink with a black spot above the pectoral fin. The male is black to silver in coloration and has a beautiful bright red stripe running horizontally from the head to the tail. They are very beautiful and…
Red Irian Rainbow
(Glossolepis incisis)
Starting at $17.89
…for their characteristic large eyes, black or silver band that runs through the middle scale rows, deeply forked mouth, and two dorsal fins.This schooling fish should be housed in a planted aquarium, but not too densely planted that there is insufficient free-swimming space as these are active fish.…
Bala Shark
(Balantiocheilus melanopterus)
Starting at $2.79
…requires a large aquarium with driftwood, rocks, and spots of dense vegetation. This shark does best in small groups of 3 or more, as they prefer to school in the aquarium. Unfortunately, the breeding habits of the Bala Shark have not been documented.An omnivore, the Bala Shark is not a particularly…
Mustard Guttatus Tang
(Acanthurus guttatus)
Starting at $159.99
The Mustard Guttatus Tang, also known as the Whitespotted Surgeonfish, occurs in large schools on the reef. The body of the fish is gray with two silver stripes towards the front half, and the back half is dotted with many white spots. The tail and the pelvic fins are a striking yellow that offsets…
Barrier Reef Chromis
(Chromis nitida)
Starting at $29.99
…found in schools throughout the Coral Sea. This fish exhibits a dark stripe that runs diagonally from the eye to dorsal fin. Above this stripe, the fish is yellow, and below it is silver.It is a very hardy fish found in a variety of aquariums. It is commonly kept long term, in small schools, and is…
Thompson's Surgeonfish
(Acanthurus thompsoni)
Starting at $49.99
…pale yellow accents highlighting its fins and tail. When planning your aquarium, keep in mind that in the wild, Thompson's Surgeonfish are found schooling in steep outer reef slopes and drop-offs over coral and sand. They prefer feeding on large gelatinous zooplankton, fish eggs, and crustaceans.…
Blue and Yellow Fusiler
(Caesio xanthonota)
Starting at $69.99
…Blue and Yellow Fusiler occurs in very large schools among the reefs of the Western Pacific. Their bodies are long and slender and are silver to blue in color with a striking yellow stripe that covers the back of the fish. They are a wonderful schooling fish for a large aquarium, and will draw more…
Neon Tetra
(Paracheirodon innesi)
Starting at $1.89
…iridescent blue bodies and bright red tails, Paracheirodon innesi creates an exciting splash of color in any aquarium, especially when kept in schools of six or more.Native to the clear water streams of South America, the Neon Tetra prefers densely planted systems with plenty of low light areas…
Celebes Rainbow
(Telmatherina ladigesi)
Starting at $6.99
The Celebes Rainbow is a schooling fish that should be kept with other peaceful fish. The colorful males have an extended second dorsal and anal fin. Natural lighting intensifies their colors.The aquarium for this peaceful Rainbow should have plants but also needs large open spaces for swimming.…