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Fluval® 9.8" Curved Scissors
Starting at $14.99
…aquatic plants with these Fluval® 9.8" Curved Scissors. 9.8" long scissors with a curved tip are ideal for all-purpose plant trimming. The generous length means you can prune hard-to-reach areas. Carbonized stainless steel construction means these scissor will provide years of reliability. Length:…
Tamsco Aquarium Scissors
Starting at $3.99
…aquarium scissors for plant care or coral propagation*Sharp aquarium scissors make clean, precise cuts to minimize damage*Durable, corrosion resistant scissors at a great hobby-friendly valueKeep aquascape maintenance quick and easy with durable, high-quality stainless steel scissors. Tamsco…
Scissortail Rasbora
(Rasbora trilineata)
Starting at $1.79
…is named for its deeply forked tail that resembles an open pair of scissors. The distinct bar pattern on the caudal fin accentuates the scissor-like shape. With a little imagination, it's not difficult to see a pair of scissors opening and closing as the Scissortail Rasbora cuts through the water.…
Scissortail Dartfish
(Ptereleotris evides)
Starting at $36.99
The Scissortail Goby, also known as the Scissortail Dartfish, has a white head and blue body with large dorsal and anal fins.It should be housed in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of loose coral rubble, and a tight-fitting lid to prevent it from jumping out of the tank. It requires ample…
Aquatic Tissue Scissors
Starting at $4.99
…stainless steel scissors great for aquarium maintenance*Make precision cuts to propagate aquarium corals or prune plants*Great aquatic scissors for use in freshwater or marine reef aquariumsUse for propagation of soft corals or trimming aquatic plants. DR Instruments Aquatic Tissue Scissors get at…
DR Instruments Aqua Scaping Kit
Starting at $29.99
…Also great for coral propagation.Aquascaping kit includes: 11" Straight Tip Forceps 11" Curved Tip Forceps 11" Straight Tip Plant Scissors 11" Curved Tip Plant Scissors 11" Double-sided SpatulaPlease note: Clean and rinse tools well in fresh water and dry thoroughly after each use to extend lasting…
Marllin Long Instruments
Starting at $49.99
…your fresh or saltwater aquarium without disturbing your fish. Also great for relocating corals and/or decorations. Sharp cutting blades of the Scissors smoothly cut aquatic plants and soft corals, making it a great tool for coral or plant propagation. Made from durable stainless steel.Cleaning…
Tamsco 9.5" Wave Scissors
Starting at $29.99
*Super-durable scissors simplify plant maintenance and aquascaping *410 surgical stainless steel passivated & black-oxidized for superior corrosion resistance*Curved design ideal for trimming foreground plants & angled detailsThe Tamsco 9.5" Wave Scissors simplify planted aquarium landscape…
Anubias barteri
(Anubias barteri)
Starting at $7.99
Anubias barteri , also known as Anubius or Anubias barteri, is a hardy plant that has lush green arrow shaped foliage. This rosette plant may reach up to 16 inches in width and has thick, creeping rhizomes. This variety of Anubias barteri is an amphibious form that will survive either totally or…
5.9" Fluval® Spring Scissors
Starting at $24.99
…tight spacesThese 5.9" Fluval® Spring Scissors are ideal for pruning aquatic plants in small aquariums and tight spaces. The spring-loaded design means comfortable and quick trimming, and the carbonized stainless steel construction ensures these quality scissors will remain reliable for years. …
9.8" Fluval® S-Curved Scissors
Starting at $19.99
…quality*Ideal for pruning smaller foreground plants Easily prune and maintain your small foreground aquatic plants with these 9.8" Fluval® S-Curved Scissors. The comfortable, ergonomic design features a curved tip for greater control. Made from stainless still with a carbonized coating that ensures…
Tamsco 6" Medium-Point Scissors
Starting at $9.99
…6" Medium-Point Scissors simplifies plant maintenance and aquascaping with precise cutting. These super-durable scissors are made of 410 surgical stainless steel, then passivated and black-oxidized for superior protection against corrosion. The Tamsco 6" Medium-Point Scissors also features a…
Toms Aquarium Aquatic Gardener
Starting at $11.99
…even in tight places. The scissor attachment is ideal for trimming plants. Its blade design catches cut-off pieces for easy removal. Tools are lightweight and buoyant. Large size, for deeper aquariums, folds for storage.Includes: Scissors attachment, scissors attachment case, and hand…
Tamsco 5 Piece Aquarium Landscaping Kit
Starting at $35.99
…Great for overall aquarium maintenance and simply indispensable for planted aquariums!Straight narrow-tip scissors maneuvers effortlessly between stems and foliage while curved tip scissors provides added finesse to navigate well in tight corners or densely planted areas. Use straight or angle tip…
Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 150 Kit with Eheim Hobby Pump 1250
Starting at $111.99
…secure them to the Dispersion Plate.Preparing the Screens for the PhosBan Reactor 550Using scissors cut the Screen diameter down by two windows, leaving the outer Rib intact. Using a fine-pointed scissors or a utility knife carefully cut out the first two windows inside the center of the Screen so…