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Sea Apple

7 products
Sea Apple, Australian
(Pseudocolochirus axiologus)
Starting at $89.99
The body of the Sea Apple, or Australian Sea Apple, is light to dark blue, and it has red feet. The tentacles are violet, blue, red, and have white tips. This a beautiful species that will add a new dimension of color to the reef aquarium.It prefers an established reef aquarium with room to move…
Sea Apple
(Pseudocolochirus violaceus)
Starting at $29.99
The body and tentacles of the Sea Apple, or Philippine Sea Apple, can be a vareity of colors, but it always has yellow feet. The oral region is usually blue to violet, hence the common name Violet Sea Apple or Violet Sea Urchin.It prefers an established reef aquarium with room to move about, and…
Sea Cucumber, Yellow
(Colochirus robustus)
Starting at $14.99
…established reef aquarium.The Yellow Sea Cucumber requires live rock to provide the nutrients it needs to sustain its health. It will usually find a location with moderate to strong current. It is a filter-feeding cucumber and similar in nature to the Sea Apple. If a small group is kept, spawning in…
Spiny Sea Cucumber, Green w/Pink & Yellow
(Pentacta anceps)
Starting at $15.99
The Pink and Green Sea Cucumber is a colorful filter feeder for home reef aquariums over 30 gallons. Rows of pink knobby thorns run lengthwise along its green and yellow body. Like Sea Apples, striking yellow and pink tentacles extend during feeding. Unlike most other sea cucumbers this animal…
San Francisco Bay Brand Rotifers
Starting at $1.99
…corals, small marine fish and breeding aquariums. Offer rotifers to invertebrates such as Tridacnid Clams, crabs, feather dusters, shrimp, sea apples, and more. Small marine fish such as gobies and blennies will love San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Rotifers. Available in smaller mini cubes,…
Shrimpery Kits
Starting at $4.99
…Bearing, Platys, Tetras, etcSmall Saltwater Fish: Gobies, Blennies, etcSaltwater Invertebrates: Tridacnid Clams, Crabs, Feather Dusters, Shrimps, Sea Apples, etcCorals: SPS, LPS, etc Feeding Instructions: Setting up the Hatchery Take a 2 liter soda bottle and cut off the bottom of the bottle…
Fluval® Pro 2.0 LED WiFi Module
Starting at $84.99
…Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0 Full Spectrum Performance LED Fixture and the Fluval SEA Marine & Reef 2.0 LED Fixture.Key FeaturesIndependent control of up to two Fluval 2.0 LED fixturesOperates from your mobile device (Apple iOS or Android)Fully adjustable light settings (sunset, sunrise, break, cloud…