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Sea Fish

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Blue/Green Reef Chromis
(Chromis viridis)
Starting at $5.49
The Blue Green Reef Chromis is easy to care for, beautiful, and peaceful. In fact, Chromis viridis is one of the preferred marine reef fish amongst aquarists, regardless of their experience level. This member of the Pomacentridae family is most recognizable by its gorgeous light blue dorsal side…
Sea Robin
(Prionotus sp.)
Starting at $39.99
The Sea Robin, sometimes called the Bandtail Sea Robin, is a blend of browns, reds and whites, and has large wing-like fins. This beautiful fish gets its name from its appearance, which looks like a bird at rest.The Sea Robin also has legs, and spends time hiding on the bottom of a 70-gallon or…
Cinnamon Clownfish Naked, Captive-Bred, ORA®
(Amphiprion melanopus)
Starting at $19.99
…Clownfish is also easy to breed in the home aquarium. The females will be the largest of the pair, and two fish will usually stay close to each other in the aquarium. These fish are egg layers and will deposit the eggs on a flat surface, and defend the eggs from other tank mates. The eggs…
Red Sea Mimic Blenny
(Ecsenius gravieri)
Starting at $129.99
…in case they are swallowed by a larger fish. By biting the inside of the mouth of the larger fish, they are then spit back out and spared their life. By mimicking these venomous fish, the Red Sea Mimic Blenny is then passed by possible predators. These fish are yellow and green in coloration with…
Serpent Sea Star (Build Your Own Kit)
(Ophioderma sp.)
Starting at $8
…to come out during the day to eat.The Serpent Sea Star is very intolerant of sudden changes in oxygen levels, salinity and pH of the water, and cannot tolerate copper-based medications. The drip acclimation method is highly recommended for all Sea Stars due to their intolerability to changes in…
Linckia Sea Star, Blue
(Linckia laevigata)
Starting at $19.99
…or two arms in the water, searching for small, free-floating microbes. The Blue Linckia Sea Star is generally solitary, but it will tolerate other starfish and amiable fish in the aquarium.The Blue Linckia Sea Star is very intolerant of sudden changes in oxygen levels, salinity and pH of the water,…
Banana Wrasse
(Thalassoma lutescens)
Starting at $36.99
…reside in a 125 gallon or larger aquarium, with other aggressive tank mates, such as Tangs, Puffers and small Triggers and Angels. They are active fish and require plenty of rocks for hiding and a tight-fitting lid. It will become territorial and harass any new additions to the community, therefore,…
Clown Tang
(Acanthurus lineatus)
Starting at $39.99
…very clean, properly oxygenated water. It is aggressive towards other Tangs, Surgeonfish, and fish with similar body shapes or feeding patterns.Although Tangs will eat meaty foods along with the other fish in the aquarium, it is important that they are offered plenty of marine based seaweed and…
Sea Apple
(Pseudocolochirus violaceus)
Starting at $29.99
…tentacles.Do not house these cucumbers in an aquarium that contains any fish that may pick on its tentacles. Generally, any fish that is prone to pick on feather dusters, will pick on the tentacles of the Indonesian Sea Apple. These fish include; Butterflyfish, Large Angels, and any species that is…
Sea Goblin
(Inimicus didactylus)
Starting at $49.99
…search of food. These fascinating fishes will also bury themselves in the sand with only thier eyes and face exposed in an effort to hunt prey that may pass by. Sea Goblins are peaceful but will eat anything motile that it can fit in its mouth such as small fishes or crustaceans. Their venomous…
Sea Hare
(Aplysia sp.)
Starting at $18.99
…Dwarf Sea Hare is a combination of speckles and patterns. The location of its rhinophores (organ used to smell) and its oral tentacles make it look a bit like a rabbit, hence its common name.If it becomes startled, it may release a purple dye to repel attacking fish. In the home aquarium, the Sea
Pinecone Fish
(Cleidopus gloriamaris)
Starting at $699.99
The Pinecone Fish, also called the Pineapple Fish and Knight-fish, is covered with spines, and has a brilliant yellow body. It has what appears to be a glowing smile due to the bioluminescent bacteria which inhabit the light organs found on the sides of the mouth. These symbiotic bacteria are…
Aquaforest® Fish V Fish Vitamin
Starting at $24.99
…farms.A couple of years after the launch Aquaforest started their own aquatic plants, fish and coral farms. As the Aquaforest cultures grew, they realized that to expand further they needed their own sea salt, foods and supplements, as no supplier could match their requirements for high quality…
Red Sea Eritrean Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon paucifasciatus)
Starting at $249.99
…Red Sea Chevron Butterflyfish, or the Redback Butterflyfish, is a relatively hardy butterfly that does well in a peaceful aquarium setting. The body of these fish is white with many black vertical lines, and a large red band covering the rear of the fish. The ideal aquarium for the Red Sea Eritrean…
Sand Sifting Sea Star
(Astropecten polycanthus)
Starting at $17.99
…Sand Sifting Sea Star should be kept in aquariums with large, deep sand bottoms of several inches in depth. Since it is slower moving than most fish, the Sand Sifting Sea Star should not be housed with natural predators, including Puffers.Like other invertebrates, the Sand Sifting Sea Star is very…