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Sea Lettuce

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Ulva Lettuce Algae, Aquacultured
(Ulva sp.)
Starting at $12.99
Ulva Lettuce Algae, also known as Sea Lettuce, is an excellent macroalgae for refugiums. This nutritious leafy green algae is readily accepted by herbivorous fish as well as invertebrates like sea hares, and lettuce nudibranchs. It is a great substitute when natural algae have been depleted in the…
Lettuce Sea Slug, Green (Build Your Own Kit)
(Elysia spp.)
Starting at $9.5
The Lettuce Sea Slug may also be referred to as the Lettuce Nudibranch, or Green Lettuce Nudibranch, although it is not a true nudibranch. It has highly folded parapodia (side appendages) which give it a ruffled appearance. Since its color is usually green, yellow, or brown, it resembles lettuce. It…
Refugium Starter Kit
(Assorted sp.)
Starting at $49.99
…food source for all herbivorous fish. This live food will provide the proper nutrition for many species of plant eating marine fish. Ulva, or sea lettuce, is an ideal phosphate remover. Plus it makes a highly nutritious food source for amphipods and copepods! PLUS two (2) live food varieties: …
Algae Attack Replenisher Pack
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $54.99
…Mexican Turbo Snails or Zebra Turbo Snails, Lettuce Sea Slug, Green, and an Emerald Crab. Package Contents 10 Margarita Snails 4 Super Tongan Nassarius Snails or 6 Nassarius Snails 5 Astrea Snails or 5 Mexican Turbo Snails or 5 Zebra Turbo Snails 1 Lettuce Sea Slug, Green 1 Emerald Crab
Lettuce Sea Slug, Green
(Elysia spp.)
Starting at $12.99
…reef aquarium. The coloration of the Lettuce Sea Slug generally ranges from green, yellow, or brown.The Lettuce Sea Slug may also be referred to as the Lettuce Nudibranch, or Green Lettuce Nudibranch, although it is not a true nudibranch. The Lettuce Sea Slug will do well in established aquarium…
Mustard Guttatus Tang
(Acanthurus guttatus)
Starting at $159.99
…algae. This will strengthen their immune system, reduce aggression and improve their overall health. Offer dried seaweed tied to a rock or use a lettuce clip, and feed at least 3 times per week.Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad and Ocean Nutrition are all ideal products and are very easy to use.Approximate…
Algae Attack Pack - Ultimate
(Miscellaneous species)
Starting at $107.99
…size of aquarium that you are maintaining.Ultimate Algae Attack Pack includes all of the items in the above packages, while incorporating the Lettuce Sea Slug, along with the Emerald Crab for bubble algae control. This package will round out your cleaning team, and enable you to spend less time…
Decorated Rabbitfish
(Siganus puellus)
Starting at $39.99
…of LPS and soft corals. Its diet should consist of a variety of vegetable matter and algae. Feed the Decorated Rabbitfish Red Gracilaria feeding algae, any species of caulerpa and dried seaweed fed with a lettuce clip.Approximate Purchase Size: Small; 1 1/2" to 2" Medium; 2" to 4"; Large; 4" to 6"
Sea Hare
(Aplysia sp.)
Starting at $18.99
…Dwarf Sea Hare is a combination of speckles and patterns. The location of its rhinophores (organ used to smell) and its oral tentacles make it look a bit like a rabbit, hence its common name.If it becomes startled, it may release a purple dye to repel attacking fish. In the home aquarium, the Sea
Ocean Nutrition® Frozen Formula Foods Discus Fish Food
Starting at $3.99
…Remove any uneaten food.Ingredients:Casein, bloodworms, mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, salmon eggs, cochineal extract (added color), carrageenan, sea lettuce, spirulina, choline chloride, magnesium sulfate, iron, inositol, a-tocopherol acetate (source of vitamin E), zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate,…
Vegi Clips
Starting at $2.11
…to aquarium glass for quick and easy access during feeding. Sea Veggies Vegi Clip from Two Little Fishies floats when removed from suction cup, for easy retrieval. Use with Seaweed Selects, Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, spinach, lettuce and more. Plastic construction permits use in fresh and saltwater…