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Sea Scallops Food

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4 products
PhytoPlex Phytoplankton
Starting at $12.99
…(#22983), dispense food where it will flow over animal.Kent Marine PhytoPlex provides whole, unicellular phytoplankton for a broad range of filter-feeding invertebrates. Ideal for feeding SPS corals, sponges, clams, scallops, bryozoans, tunicates, sea fans, filter-feeding sea cucumbers, and many…
Hikari Bio-Pure Coral Gumbo Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $2.99
…free from harmful parasites, unwanted bacteria, and foul odors.Hikari Bio-Pure Coral Gumbo Frozen Fish Food is an outstanding mix of pacific krill, rotifer, mysis shrimp, sea scallop, oyster, bass, nori algae, octopus, cyclops, squid, and brine shrimp. Bio-encapsulated multivitamins including…
PhytoMax Expert Series Phytoplankton
Starting at $6.99
…phytoplankton for a broad range of filter feeding invertebrates, PhytoMax is ideal for SPS corals, sponges, clams, scallops, bryozoans, tunicates, Sea Fans, filter feeding Sea Cucumbers, and Fan Worms. Directions:Add 1 drop (0.10 ml) per 50 gallons to an 8 oz. container of aquarium water, stir,…
Maxima Clam Colored, Aquacultured ORA®
(Tridacna maxima)
Starting at $59.99
…zooxanthellae cells growing in its mantle. However, all clams also require micro foods designed for filter feeders, especially when small. Offer phytoplankton and other micro foods. Looking for the best food to feed your Tridacna Clams? We recommend: AlgaGen Acartia tonsa, AlgaGen Pseudodiaptomus…