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Siphon Hose

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Fusion Air Pumps
Starting at $5.99
…significant decrease or a total interruption in output: Make sure the air pump is plugged in and all parts are properly connected. Make sure the air hoses are free from blockages and restrictions, and check the pressure and air on all air valves. If the air-driven accessories in the aquarium are not…
Loc-Line Modular Plumbing Parts
Starting at $8.49
…3/4".3/4" x 1/2" Y Reducer: Attaches to 3/4" Loc-Line Hose Segments to accept 1/2" Loc-Line fittings. Use to divert aquarium water flow in two directions. Loc-Line socket fittings.3/4" x 1/2" Adapter: Attaches to 3/4" and 1/2" Loc-Line Hose Segments to accommodate 1/2"and 3/4" Loc-Line…
Python Squeeze Siphon Attachment
Starting at $5.99
…Aquarium siphon attachment for convenient water changes * Starts siphon on aquarium gravel cleaner hose or siphon tube * Squeeze bulb to start siphon for stress-free aquarium maintenance Start your aquarium siphon tube with a simple squeeze - no more sucking. Just attach to the end of your siphon
Lee's Ultra Gravel Vacs
Starting at $4.99
…your mouth to start a siphon, use the Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter instead. Measures 10" L x 2-1/2" diameter. Contains one Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter and two adapters.The Squeeze Bulb Siphon Starter fits Lee's Ultra Gravel Vac Model #11551. Assembly:Slip the end of the hose over the cap on the…
Python Pro-Clean Gravel Washer Siphon Kit
Starting at $4.99
…3Hold your thumb tightly over the end of the Hose so water does not escape. Lift the end of the Hose that you are holding out of the aquarium and lower it into the bucket.STEP 4Remove your thumb from the end and water will begin to siphon from the aquarium.STEP 5Immediately hold the Cylinder…
Eshopps 1" ID Flex Hose
Starting at $12.99
…filtration system. Connect Eshopps 1" ID Flex Hose to aquarium drain or siphon overflow box for use as a drain hose for sumps, wet/dry filters or other aquarium applications. Durable corrugated construction ensures reliable aquarium use. One inch interior diameter hose available in four lengths.
Python No Spill Clean 'N Fill Aquarium Maintenance System
Starting at $59.99
…simultaneously siphon water from your aquarium and clean aquarium gravel. With a flip of the Python faucet pump, clean fresh water is directed back to fill the aquarium. Put an end to the backbreaking bucket brigade... and its mess!Includes tubing, gravel tube, on/off valve, hose connectors, faucet…
Python Pro-Clean Squeeze Value Combo
Starting at $12.99
…aquarium gravel washer and siphon with siphon starter*Eases siphon start up for stress free routine aquarium maintenance*USA made & comes ready to use for assembly-free aquarium carePython Pro-Clean Gravel Washer & Siphon combined with the Python Squeeze Siphon Starter allows greater convenience…
Fluval AquaVAC+ Water Changer & Gravel Cleaner
Starting at $34.99
…Fine Filter Pad removes even the finest of particles for an extreme clean.Built-in, automated water change system - no siphoning or annoying mess to clean up. 4 foot hosing included for easy tank-to-bucket water changes.Cordless operation - includes 2 "C" batteries.Interchangeable nozzles (4"…
Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer
Starting at $4.99
…and Gravel Tube to Hose Unscrew and remove Compression Nut. Slide Compression Nut over end of Flexible Tubing. Push Flexible Tubing over Hose Barb where Compression Nut was removed. Slide Compression Nut back down Flexible Tubing and turn to tighten onto threads behind Hose Barb. Make sure that…
Two Little Fishies Julian's Thing
Starting at $5.89
…tool for feeding corals, aquarium fish & MORE*Dispense any liquid food, aquarium treatments or coral glue*Maintain aquarium aesthetics by siphoning out small debrisTarget-feed corals, filter-feeders, and timid fish with greater ease and comfort. Two Little Fishies Julian's Thing is a clever,…
Toms Aquarium Mr. Cleaner
Starting at $1.99
…only. Press "One-Touch" Switch for operation. Detach Debris net and connect 1/2" flexible tubing to Hose Adapter and place Mr. Cleaner in aquarium to siphon water out. Suction needed to create a siphon can be done with a simple push of a button. To fill aquarium, simply reverse process. Place Mr.…
Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor Replacement Foam Discs & O-Ring
Starting at $0.99
…water when you open it. If the return hose is located in the aquarium or a sump above the level where you are servicing the reactor, make sure that the outlet is not located below the water line in the tank. If it is, lift the outlet hose so that it cannot siphon water from the aquarium or sump.…
Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 550 Kit with Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO 1200 Water Pump
Starting at $86.99
…to the reactor and close the ball valve. If the return hose is located in the aquarium or a sump above the level where you are servicing the reactor, lift it out so that it cannot siphon water from the aquarium or sump. Disconnect the hoses by pulling the soft 90-degree fitting off of the barbed…
Laguna Aeration Kit
Starting at $34.99
…a check valve (sold separately) in the air line between the air pump and pond. The check valve will help prevent water from siphoning out of the pond through the air hose and into the pump in the event of a power failure or when removing filters and other air-driven accessories from the pond.Method…