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Bluestripe Snapper
(Lutjanus kasmira)
Starting at $34.99
One of the most widespread of the snappers, the Bluestripe Snapper, also known as the Blue-Line Sea Perch, ranges from the Red Sea south to Madagascar and east to India, Asia, Indonesia, Australia and a number of Pacific Islands including Hawaii. Your specimen will be from Fiji, Indonesia, or…
Blue and Yellow Fusiler
(Caesio xanthonota)
Starting at $69.99
…5 or more Blue and Yellow Fusilers makes an impressive display in a large FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) aquarium. They do well with groupers, snappers, large wrasse, and other large predatory fish as long as they are not large enough to consume the Fusilers. They are not reef safe, as they will…
Ocean Nutrition Frozen Chopped Clams
Starting at $2.49
…including Oscars, Fire Mouths and other South American Cichlids. Great for marine species including Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Trigger Fish, Snappers, Damsels, Eels, Groupers, Puffers, Harlequin Tusks and more. Ingredients: Clams, Water, Guar Gum. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein…
AlgaGen Rotifers
(Brachionus plicatilis)
Starting at $12.99
…(105-160 micrometers in width) for many species of fish larvae that are cultured commonly, such as clown fish, gobies, Mediterranean sea basses and snappers, red drum, pompano, and cobia, just to name a few. For rotifers to be nutritionally suitable for fish larvae, they must be "enriched", fed with…
Marineland Multistage Canister Filters
Starting at $6.29
…inches of slack. Cut Hoses to fit. Attach Hoses to Intake and Outlet Tubes. Models C-160, C-220 &C-360 only: Place Snapper Clamps around hose and tubes at fittings. Tighten Snapper Clamps. Models C-530: Tighten Locking Screws on Intake and Outlet Tubes.STEP 6Start Up Plug in Filter. Press Quick…
Marineland Magniflow Canister Filters
Starting at $135.99
…straight, smooth line with either Tubing Cutters or a sharp knife. Attach hoses to Intake and Outlet tubes. Place Snapper Clamps around hose and tubes at fittings. Tighten Snapper Clamps.Start UpPress the Quick Prime Button multiple times until water starts to flow into canister and back up towards…
ReeFlo Hybrid Pumps
Starting at $369
* Adjustable flow external aquarium pumps grow with your needs * Premium aquarium pumps for quiet, efficient & reliable operation * Use included extra impeller kit to convert into higher flow pumps Demand the highest level of efficiency, quiet operation and durability from…