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Sparkling Gourami
(Trichopsis pumilus)
Starting at $1.39
Sparkling Gourami. The Sparkling Gourami can be kept with a variety of tankmates of similar size and temperament. While males can be territorial with each other, the Sparkling Gourami becomes timid around other, more aggressive fish.The only way to differentiate the male from the female Sparkling
Jewel Damselfish
(Microspathodon chrysurus)
Starting at $24.99
As a juvenile, the Jewel Damselfish, also known as Jewelfish, is black with sparkling blue dots. As the fish matures, it may turn brown to yellow and have smaller, indistinct spots.It is overly aggressive, and therefore, only one should be kept per tank. An aquarium of 50 gallons or larger provides…
Diamond Tetra
(Moenkhausia pittieri)
Starting at $2.59
…also known as Brillantsalmler, Diamond Characin, Pittier's Tetra and Timanttitetra is native to South American inland waters. They are said to sparkle like a diamond with their silvery scales and orange accents.These Tetras prefer a heavily planted tank and softer water on the acidic side. They…
Leopard Longfin Danio
(Danio frankei)
Starting at $1.39
…Danio is a distinct variety of the Zebra Danio. Instead of zebra stripes, the Longfin Leopard Danio sports a mottled, spotted pattern. Its body sparkles with a burnished gold metallic color peppered by many bluish-gray spots. Long, veil-like fins trail behind and catch the light as the Longfin…
DrTim's Aquatics Re-Fresh Sparkling Water Aquarium Conditioner
Starting at $31.62
…for clear, sparkling aquarium water * Beneficial bacteria conditions aquarium water without chemicals * Reduce discoloration and aquarium odors caused by organics Maintain clean water, clean aquarium surfaces AND eliminate unpleasant odors. DrTim's Aquatics Re-Fresh Sparkling Water Aquarium…
Hamilton Technology 10,000K Super Daylight White T5 HO Bulb
Starting at $9.99
*10,000K white daylight lamp for freshwater or marine aquariums*Intense full spectral output supports photosynthetic aquarium life*Boasts up to 60% more light output than competitive aquarium brandsBright-sparkling white daylight lamp showcases aquarium inhabitants. Hamilton Technology 10,000K Super…
Whisper Bio-Bags
Starting at $8.59
*Convenient all-in-one bag/frame unit ensures exceptional mechanical and biological filtration*Completes the Whisper Power Filter package for a clean, easy-maintenance aquarium*Refill with carbon of your choiceDisposable, easy-to-use Thick n' Fluffy filter bags provide exceptional mechanical…
Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Mini Internal Filter
Starting at $13.99
*Innovative design makes it easy to use for both beginners and hobbyists*Functions in as little as two inches of water, making it perfect for terrariums and turtle habitats*Media and housing can be recycled, or cleaned and re-usedThe Cobalt Aquatics Clearvue 20 Mini Internal Filter features a unique…
Hamilton Technology 36" 96W Super Daylight 10,000°K Square Pin Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Starting at $20.06
*Powerful compact fluorescent lighting for your marine, reef, or freshwater aquarium *Rare-earth, color-enhancing phosphors create bright, sparkling white daylight *Ideal for the health of plants, corals, anemones, and invertebrates*Concentrated light intensity, color spectrum, color stability, and…
Coralife 10,000°K
Starting at $8.49
*Standard T-8 (1" dia) lamp for fluorescent aquarium light fixtures*10,000K Daylight lamp illuminates aquariums with sparkling bright white light*Compatible with aquarium light fixtures with electronic or magnetic ballastsSimulate the midday tropical sun with this high intensity standard fluorescent…
Replacement Fluval Carbon Insert
Starting at $2.39
…Carbon Insert comes in a convenient 3-pack format, ensuring you always have the replacement carbon you need on hand to create crystal clear, sparkling aquarium water. It's a premium, research-grade carbon with vast surface area for effectively absorbing impurities, and is specifically designed…
Coralife 10,000K Daylight HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps
Starting at $12.99
…Light up your aquarium with sparkling white light. Coralife 10000K Daylight HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps boast high lumen output to provide significantly more light than conventional fluorescent lamps. These energy-efficient and modestly-priced high-output lamps cast sparkling white light that simulates…
Coralife 10,000K Daylight LED Tri-Lamp
Starting at $19.16
*3W LED Tri-Lamp for Coralife LED Aqualight aquarium light fixture*3 cool white LEDs light up aquariums with sparkling bright white light*Simulates midday tropical sun in all freshwater and marine aquariumsIncrease light output and customize light color combination of your Coralife LED Aqualight…
Chemi-Pure & Chemi-Pure Elite
Starting at $48.88
*Multi-purpose chemical filter media removes dissolved organics and other harmful compounds*Enjoy sparkling water and maintain a perfect pH in any aquarium*Lasts 4 - 6 times longer than average carbonEnjoy superior water quality for a healthier aquarium inhabitants. Works equally well in marine or…
Coralife Pure-Flo Micron Filter Pads
Starting at $3.74
…filtration*Removes debris and particulates for crystal-clear aquarium water*Machine washable micron filter pads boast long lasting aquarium useWater sparkles clean and crystal-clear with Pure-Flo Filter Pads. These sanitized, polyester pads are interwoven with nylon fibers, making them durable,…