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145 products
Lee's® Specimen Container
Starting at $9.99
…treatment tank, fish require less medicationProvide a safe, quarantined location for fish and other aquatic species with this break-resistant Lee's® Specimen Container. This multi-purpose, clear container has a 1" wide handle so that it can be hung on the side of the aquarium for use as a holding…
Telescope Goldfish, Assorted
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $8.49
…of this goldfish. The selection of a good specimen places much importance on the eyes. They should be large, protruding, and symmetrical.The Celestial Eye is a unique example of the Telescope Goldfish that first appeared in 1870. A fine specimen should have large, symmetrical and bulged eyes,…
Orangebanded Stingfish
(Choridactylus multibarbus)
Starting at $34.99
Hobbyists looking for an envy-inducing oddball for the venomous aquarium will find a truly unique specimen in the Orangebanded Stingfish. Able to bury itself in ambush up to its high-set eyes, what truly sets this well-camouflaged fish apart are its pectoral rays which resemble "claws." The…
Xanthurus Cream Angelfish
(Apolemichthys xanthurus)
Starting at $39.99
…will offer an environment in which to thrive. It is prone to nip at stony and soft corals (sessile invertebrates) and clam mantles. Only one specimen should be kept per tank.It is hermaphroditic, and there are no distinguishing features which differentiate males from females.As with other angelfish,…
Drs. Foster & Smith Fish Acclimation Kit
Starting at $3.99
…lights. Dim the lights in the room where your specimen bags will be opened. (Severe stress or trauma may result from sudden exposure to bright light.) Float the sealed bag in your aquarium for 15 minutes (Fig. A). This allows the water in the specimen bag to adjust slowly to the temperature in the…
Bulb Anemone
(Entacmaea quadricolor)
Starting at $29.99
…referred to as Rose Anemones. Generally, Bulb Anemones from Fiji and Tonga are shaded in soft browns, tans, or maroon, though an occasional green specimen is found. By contrast, the Bulb Anemones from Singapore are typically green in color with a deep maroon base.The Bulb or Bubble Tip Anemone is…
Yellowline Goby, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Elacatinus figaro)
Starting at $23.99
…only choice available for hobbyists. Thanks to the achievements of modern captive-breeding programs, hobbyists are able to enjoy this eye-catching specimen great for reef or nano-aquarium setups.The ORA Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby should be housed in a well-established 10 gallon or larger aquarium.…
Bluestripe Snapper
(Lutjanus kasmira)
Starting at $34.99
…from the Red Sea south to Madagascar and east to India, Asia, Indonesia, Australia and a number of Pacific Islands including Hawaii. Your specimen will be from Fiji, Indonesia, or Maldives, and make a hardy and rewarding edition to your FOWLR aquarium.The Bluestripe Snapper's body is moderately…
Jaguar Goby
(Gobiopsis quinquecincta)
Starting at $25.99
The Jaguar Goby is an exquisite specimen sure to excite goby enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the unusual. Despite its diminutive size and relative anonymity in the aquarium hobby, the Jaguar Goby leaves a big impression. Though beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, it is easy to see why…
Orange Stripe Bristletooth Tang
(Ctenochaetus cf. striatus)
Starting at $39.99
…towards other Tangs and may be harassed by its own species, but is peaceful with other fish and sessile invertebrates. It is best to house only one specimen per tank. Although Tangs will eat meaty foods along with the other fish in the aquarium, it is important that they are offered plenty of marine…
Fowleri Tang
(Acanthurus fowleri)
Starting at $199.99
…behind the eye sets this species apart from other tangs. A brown body, yellow dorsal fin, and white lyre accent on the tail also make this specimen a true standout. In its natural habitat, the Fowleri Tang is generally found in clear seaward reefs and drop-offs. A 360 gallon or larger established…
Snakeskin Barb
(Puntius rhombocellatus)
Starting at $7.99
…unlike some barbs that quickly grow to a fairly large size. These fish are orange/red in color with deep green body splotches to give this beautiful specimen its "snakeskin" designation. Native to the blackwaters of Borneo, Indonesia, Snakeskin Barbs prefer soft, acidic aquarium water of the highest…
Giant Green Polyp Duncan, Aquacultured
(Duncanopsammia axifuga)
Starting at $29.99
Previously uncommon to the United States, this beautiful coral specimen is now captive-grown in our Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility. Colonies form via long, tubular corallites with stunning neon green oral discs. Boasts vibrant purple tentacles that retract when disturbed, but otherwise remain…
Red Thorny Sea Star
(Echinaster echinophorus)
Starting at $13.99
…and up to 100' deep reefs in the Caribbean Ocean.The Red Thorny Sea Star requires a large aquarium with ample supplies of live rock. A small specimen will eat algae. As it grows older, however, it is not reef compatible, as it will eat soft corals, sponges, tubeworms, clams, starfish, and other…
Gold Algae Eater
(Gyrinocheilos aymonieri)
Starting at $2.29
The Gold Algae Eater is an ornate color variety of the familiar Chinese Algae Eater. This gorgeous golden yellow specimen adds a bright splash of color while providing the valuable service of cleaning your aquarium. Gold Algae Eaters are often kept in aquariums for the purpose of keeping algae under…