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Spirulina Food

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182 products
Cobalt Aquatics Spirulina Premium Fish Food
Starting at $5.99
*Premium spirulina algae flake or pellet food for freshwater and saltwater fish*Probiotic-enhanced spirulina flakes or pellets improve digestion for less waste*Tasty vegetable nutrition supports aquarium fish health, color and digestionHerbivore and omnivore nutrition enhanced with probiotics means…
O.S.I. Spirulina Flake Food
Starting at $4.99
* Fortified spirulina flake food for all freshwater and marine fish * Natural color enhancer plus beta carotene for vibrant fish color * Contains stabilized Vitamin C for healthier fish Ocean Star International is recognized around the globe as a manufacturer of premium…
Hikari Frozen Spirulina Brine Shrimp
Starting at $3.79
…Bio-Pure frozen foods provide maximum nutrition with minimum mess to you when feeding.Feeding Instructions: Feed no more than your fish will eat within a few minutes two times per day. Avoid over-feeding as it can cause water quality problems.Ingredients:Brine Shrimp, Spirulina, Water, Pyridoxine,…
Cobalt Aquatics Frozen Shrimp & Vegi Cubes Frozen Fish Food
Starting at $7.19
* Nutritious frozen aquarium fish food blend with 3 types of shrimp* Contains spirulina & chlorella algae for herbivorous aquarium fish* Great for fresh & saltwater aquarium fish including African cichlidsDelectable 3 shrimp blend with spirulina and chlorella algae delivers outstanding natural…
O.S.I. Spirulina Pellets
Starting at $9.99
*Medium sized pellet food for freshwater & marine aquarium fish*Provides aquarium fish excellent nutrition and color enhancement*Slowly sinking pellets suit varied feeding preference of aquarium fishesA special, vitamin-fortified diet containing a high concentration of rich spirulina, an algae which…
Cobalt Aquatics Mysis Spirulina Flake & Pellet Fish Foods
Starting at $4.99
…Mysis Spirulina Flake & Pellet Fish Foods are perfect for finicky fish transitioning to prepared foods. Plus, they're loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) and the antioxidant Astaxanthin for consistent fish growth and superior color. Cobalt Aquatics Mysis Spirulina Flake & Pellet Fish Foods
Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Premium Fish Food Flakes
Starting at $45.28
*Features 20% spirulina and astaxinthin, paprika, and garlic for maximum color and palatability *Creates less waste for a cleaner aquarium*Ideal for all herbivorous tropical and marine fishPerfect for herbivorous tropical and marine fish, Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Spirulina Premium Fish Food Flakes…
Hikari Spirulina Pellets
Starting at $17.79
…(shiroji)Develop beautiful show-quality koi coloration with Hikari Spirulina Pellets Color Enhancing Koi Food. Supreme color-enhancing formula contains carotenoid and natural color boosting elements extracted from pure spirulina. Rapidly promotes rich, natural coloration without affecting the white…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Spirulina Brine Shrimp Cubes
Starting at $5.99
…of live brine shrimp fed with Spirulina algae * Frozen food freat for freshwater and saltwater fish * Spirulina Brine Shrimp available in a 7 oz cube pack These brine shrimp are fed a bio-enriched diet that includes Spirulina. Spirulina algae are rich in vitamins, carotenoids…
San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Spirulina Brine Shrimp Cubes
Starting at $3.99
…the nutrition of live brine shrimp fed with Spirulina algae *Frozen food freat for freshwater and saltwater fish*Spirulina Brine Shrimp available in 3.5 oz or 7 oz cube packsThese brine shrimp are fed a bio-enriched diet that includes Spirulina. Spirulina algae are rich in vitamins, carotenoids and…
Hikari Excel Koi Food
Starting at $144.99
…germ and pure cultured spirulina supports accelerated koi growthPut the world's best color-enhancing diet for koi to the test! Hikari Excel Koi Food is a premium color-enhancing diet made with easily digestible and highly nutritious wheat germ and pure cultured spirulina designed to produce ideal…
Rod's Food Coral Blend Frozen Coral Food
Starting at $12
…process to rid our food of the STTP (sodium tripolyphosphate) that many of the freshest seafood are initially preserved with.Rod's Food believe that when you pay for food, you should receive food! No unnecessary gels or food binders are added to Rod's Food. And our foods are not water packed!…
Hikari Bio-Pure Food Varieties
Starting at $11.58
foods * Special freeze-drying process retains maximum nutrition and flavor * Excellent carnivore diet for freshwater and marine fish We were thrilled to find this line of high quality, freeze-dried foods. They supply all the natural nutrition, texture, and taste of live foods
Hikari Frozen Discus Food
Starting at $4.29
…nutritional benefits in a natural frozen food. Meets the special nutritional needs of Discus. Shrimp and spirulina are included to provide excellent color enhancing capacity and natural flavor. Three-step sterilization ensures optimal quality - food is free of parasites, harmful bacteria, and…
BenePets BeneReef Reef Food
Starting at $34.99
…Meal, Freeze Dried Planktons, Brine Shrimp, Rotifers, Copepods, Yeast, Corn Starch, Calcium Powder, Astaxanthin, Spirulina, Garlic Powder, Marine Fish Oil, Soy Flour, Blend of Super Foods, Benepets; Proprietary Probiotic blend such as but not limited to Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces, and Bacillus…