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Spotted Danio

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4 products
Celestial Pearl Danio
(Celestichthys margaritatus)
Starting at $4.99
…Pearl Danio is an exciting new addition to the aquarium hobby. Discovered in 2006, the gorgeous Celestial Pearl Danio is an instant sensation. The Celestial Pearl Danio has rich coloration and striking markings that makes it highly desirable. Adorned with iridescent, jewel-like spots, the deep…
Leopard Longfin Danio
(Danio frankei)
Starting at $1.39
The Longfin Leopard Danio is a distinct variety of the Zebra Danio. Instead of zebra stripes, the Longfin Leopard Danio sports a mottled, spotted pattern. Its body sparkles with a burnished gold metallic color peppered by many bluish-gray spots. Long, veil-like fins trail behind and catch the light…
Giant Danio
(Danio aequipinnatus)
Starting at $3.39
The Giant Danio is a true "giant" among danios. It can grow to a maximum length of four inches and is an excellent schooling fish in larger community aquariums. The Giant Danio is also a very attractive fish with captivating blue coloration. Its gold spots and lines intensify the blue-green…
Glowlight Danio
(Danio choprai)
Starting at $5.59
The Glowlight Danio is a brightly colored and showy cousin of the popular Zebra Danio. A relative newcomer to the aquarium hobby, this beautiful fish is adorned with bars, stripes, and spots in radiant green, gold, red, and turquoise. This slender-bodied and active schooling fish is an ideal choice…