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Submersible Filter

67 products
Cobalt International MJ Multi-Purpose Powerhead Pump
Starting at $37.54
…tubing and air filter supplied with your pump. Two small red Air Tubing Adapters are supplied for any size of tubing. The Air Filter also functions as a valve. When using the Venturi air-mixing feature, air volume can be adjusted by turning the top part of the Air Filter. Note: Aeration decreases…
TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit with Submersible Flat Box Filter
Starting at $9.99
…cleaned.Attaching Submersible Filter Remove the pump cage (supplied with pump). Thread the proper inlet hose fitting into the inlet of the pump (supplied with filter). Attach tubing to pump inlet hose fitting (supplied with filter). Attach filter fitting to other end of hose. Thread filter fitting…
Pondmaster Hydro-Air Submersible Water & Air Pump for Ponds
Starting at $214.99
…aeration pump. Pondmaster Hydro-Air Submersible Water & Air Pump for Ponds features a clever 2-in-1 design providing the versatility of a 1,200-gph submersible water pump and a powerful aerator suitable for ponds up to 1,000 gallons.Pondmaster Hydro-Air Submersible Water & Air Pump for Ponds is a…
Pondmaster Filter Units
Starting at $37.99
*Dual filter elements offer mechanical and chemical filtration*Expandable hook together for additional filtration*Can be used in as little as 6" of water*Media is easily rinsed or changedComplete pond filtering systems that can be used with most submersible water pumps up to 500 gph. Modular…
Pondmaster Filter Systems
Starting at $114.99
…PondMaster Filter with a fully submersible Mag-Drive water pump * Sturdy handle allows easy placement and maintenance Pondmaster 1250-1700 Filter Systems combine the easy-to-use PondMaster Filter with a high-tech, fully submersible Mag-Drive water pump. Water is drawn into a coarse filter pad to…
Fluval Nano Internal Filter
Starting at $0.74
…Aquarium Filter allows discreet in-tank placement while providing essential water movement and filtration. Swiveling spray bar with flow-control valve provides gentle streams and can be positioned to ensure surface water movement essential for proper aquarium oxygenation. Easy-to-use submersible
Fluval U Series Underwater Filter
Starting at $0.37
* Fully submersible aquarium filter for enhanced filtration options * Boost aquarium filtration, water movement and crucial aeration * Underwater filter features flip-top access for easy media change Open your eyes to a world of unsurpassed underwater aquarium filtration. The versatile Fluval U…
Laguna Biological Pond Filter Media (Lava Rock)
Starting at $15.99
*Biological filter media for most submersible or external pond filters*Establishes biological filtration essential for clean healthy pond water*Very porous surface area hosts large populations of beneficial bacteriaEnsure healthy populations of beneficial bacterial essential for pond biological…
Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System
Starting at $300.53
…Lifegard Aquatics All-In-One Pond Filter System provides mechanical and biological filtration, algae control with the built-in 13-watt ultraviolet sterilizer AND creates a beautiful and soothing water display with the included fountain kit. Compact, 3-in-1 submersible pond filtration system includes…
Eshopps Wet-Dry Filters
Starting at $11.99
…the return pump. NOTE: DO NOT plug submersible return pump into power source until pump is fully submersed underwater. Start the siphon for the Overflow Box to transport aquarium water to the wet-dry filter. Once the return pump is completely submersed, plug return pump into power source.Wet/Dry…
Lifegard Aquatics Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters
Starting at $62.02
…4000 The Uno, Duo, Trio Filter comes out of the box "Ready to Install." Attach the Elbow to the top of the Layer Locking Assembly. Insert one end of the hose into the Elbow and the other to the suction side of your submersible pump. Make sure that the filter is fully submersed in the water and the…
Hagen AquaClear Power Filters
Starting at $49.99
…completely submerse the impeller cover.F) Plug power cord into electrical outlet. Priming will take 30 - 45 seconds.G) To change water flow rate, move adjustment control on intake stem to reduce or increase water intake.IMPORTANT: DO NOT RUN FILTER DRYFilter MaintenanceFor optimum filter operation…
Lifegard Aquatics Pond Filtration System Kits Uno, Duo, Trio Pond Filters
Starting at $166.53
*Submersible filter complete with Quiet One pump and fountain kit*Keep ponds clean with biological & 2 stages of mechanical filtration*Use Add-On Cartridge Units to easily boost pond filtration capacityCompact submersible filters for ponds and water gardens designed for easy maintenance and…
TetraPond Cylinder Pre-Filter
(LiveAquaria® Approved)
Starting at $4.99
…tubing to the hose fitting.Attach the proper filter fitting to the other end of the hose.Thread the filter fitting into the pre-filter.Cleaning your Pre-Filter Unplug the pump from the electrical outlet. Remove pre-filter cylinder from pond.Remover filter media foam from inside pre-filter. Flush…
Azoo Oxygen Plus Bio-Filters
Starting at $0.74
*Easy-to use biological filter for tropical aquarium fish*Aquarium filter sponge for efficient biological filtration*Great biological filter for breeding or spawning aquariumsThese filters allow you to cultivate nitrifying bacteria for superb biological filtration. Great for fry aquariums and brine…