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Submersible Pump

84 products
Eheim CompactON Water Pumps
Starting at $29.99
…adjustable-flow-rate water pumps allow versatile submersible or inline use*German-engineered aquarium water pumps deliver silent, reliable, energy-efficient performance*Easy-to-install water pumps fit comfortably in freshwater OR marine aquariums*Five adjustable-flow water pumps provide flow rates…
Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps
Starting at $13.24
…utility pump great for fresh or saltwater aquariums*New impeller design for quieter operation and a longer life*Cooler running for minimum heat transfer to your aquariumEnergy-efficient aquarium pump redesigned for quiet, long-lasting use. The popular Quiet One multipurpose aquarium pumps now boast…
Eco Tech Marine Vectra L1 Centrifugal Pump
Starting at $449
…Use submersed (internal) or inline (external).EcoTech Marine Vectra L1 Centrifugal Pump boasts sophisticated electronic control to ensure energy-efficient and optimized operation. Vectra Pump Driver allows convenient push-button control for fully adjustable flow rates and easy access to Return Pump
Sicce Voyager Nano Circulation and Stream Pump
Starting at $36.54
…connecting the pump to the electric network, check that the cable and the pump are not damaged.The pump has a type Z cable link. The cable and the plug cannot be substituted or repaired; in case of damage to either one, the pump must be replaced.Attention: Disconnect all submersed electrical…
Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump
Starting at $32.97
…and versatile use make Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump a great pump especially if aquarium or sump space is limited.Use Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump with Cobalt Aquatics MICRO-UV Inline UV Clarifier or as a replacement pump for your Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Canister Filter. The possibilities…
Eheim Hobby Pumps
Starting at $89.99
…underwater use.)Submerged Pump:Set your submersible pump on suction cups at the bottom of your sump. This will help reduce vibration and noise.Be sure to completely submerge the pump before connecting it to a power source.Try not to place the submerged pump's inlet near the output of the protein…
Eheim CompactON 5000 Water Pump
Starting at $199.99
…1320-gph water pump allows versatile submersible or inline use*German-engineered aquarium water pump delivers silent, reliable, energy-efficient performance*Easy-to-install water pump for freshwater OR marine aquariumsPowerful, 1320-gph aquarium water pump enables versatile submersible or inline…
Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps
Starting at $31.49
…levels. Versatile Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps are great for wet (submerged) or dry (external inline) use*. Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps models 800 and 1300 feature adjustable flow regulation. 20 ft power cord. 3-year manufacturer warranty.*Model 800 is for submersible use only. Specifications …
Current eFlux DC Flow Pumps with Flow Control
Starting at $161.46
…of anomalous pump operation. Great for use inline (external) or submersed in both marine and freshwater aquarium return pump applications.Current eFlux DC Flow Pumps with Flow Control works seamlessly with Current Orbit IC LED Marine Reef Lighting System with Wireless Lighting & Pump Control and…
Viper Shrimp
(Atya gabonensi)
Starting at $13.99
…in a community aquarium with small peaceful fish and sufficient water flow. Since they prefer oxygen rich water and strong current, use a submersible pump to keep water in constant circulation. Feed sparingly using very fine floating food like algae powder or dried small crustaceans shortly before…
Pondmaster Hydro-Air Submersible Water & Air Pump for Ponds
Starting at $214.99
pump AND an aeration pump. Pondmaster Hydro-Air Submersible Water & Air Pump for Ponds features a clever 2-in-1 design providing the versatility of a 1,200-gph submersible water pump and a powerful aerator suitable for ponds up to 1,000 gallons.Pondmaster Hydro-Air Submersible Water & Air Pump for…
Pondmaster Submersible UV Clarifier
Starting at $139.99
…through the UV light every 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Pumping the water too fast will shorten the "dwell time" (the time that the water in the unit is exposed to the ultraviolet rays).The Pondmaster Submersible UV Clarifier/Sterilizer is the only submersible unit on the market. It can also be used outside…
TetraPond Filtration Fountain Kit with Submersible Flat Box Filter
Starting at $9.99
…Should the pump flow visibly decrease, it is time to clean the fountain, pump and or filters. Unplug the pump from electrical outlet. If pump cage is used, clear debris off pump cage. Re-assemble pump cage and plug pump back in to see if the problem is resolved. Remove pump and submersible filter…
Pump Pro-Tectors
Starting at $23.99
submersible pond pumps. Perfect for submersible pumps in areas where conventional pre-filters won't fit. Drawstring closure for easy pump access. 8" Pump Pro-Tector has 1 inch thick sidewalls and 12" Pump Pro-Tector has 2 inch thick sidewalls. InstructionsSimply place your pump inside the Pump
Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump
Starting at $121.83
*VERY energy-efficient pond pump for submersible or inline use*Powerful pumps deliver reliable, maintenance-free performance*Small footprint and rotating outlet ease pump plumbing & installationHigh performance pump boasts power, energy efficiency and versatile installation all at a great value. The…