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Sun Fish

15 products
Sunshine Chromis, Purple & Yellow
(Chromis insolata)
Starting at $19.99
…hardy fish, and found in a variety of aquariums. It is commonly kept long term in small schools, if provided ample swimming space and room to roam. It is a relatively passive fish that adds a dramatic effect to the reef or fish only aquarium. Like other Chromis species, these fish are omnivores,…
Water Hyacinth
(Eichornia crassipes)
Starting at $2.99
…foliage that creeps across the surface of the pond. The foliage helps to provide shade and the roots provide filtration, a spawning area for the pond fish, and absorb excess nutrients from the water, helping to reduce algae. It also is an excellent water clarifier. The delicate, purple flowers have…
Tetra Fish Snacks Sun-Dried Anchovies
Starting at $3.99
…fish*Supplements staple fish diet and also great for aquatic turtles and amphibiansWhole, sun-dried anchovies supplement daily diet with protein, fat, and irresistible flavor. Tetra Fish Snacks Sun-Dried Anchovies is a premium quality snack ideal for carnivorous freshwater/saltwater fish, aquatic…
Zoo Med Ultra Sun Super Daylight T5 HO Lamps
Starting at $7.11
…colors of your fish, plants, corals and invertebrates. Versatile general purpose lamp can be used with a variety of other lamps to achieve custom light conditions in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Use Zoo Med Laboratories Ultra Sun Super Daylight T5 HO Lamps with Zoo Med Flora Sun to maximize…
Tetra Baby Shrimp
Starting at $2.49
* 100% sun dried baby freshwater shrimp for aquarium fish * Excellent source of roughage to improve fish digestion * Great supplemental food to add variety to staple fish diet A nutritious supplement to flake foods. These complete shrimp, including the shell, are an excellent…
TetraMin Select-A-Food
Starting at $5.49
fish food * Convenient way to provide aquarium fish nutritional variety * Contains TetraMin Tropical Crisps, TetraMin Granules, and Baby Shrimp Three popular Tetra fish foods in one easy-dispense container. TetraMin Select-A-Food boasts an unique, multi-section canister to simplify tropical fish
Current USA TrueLumen LED Strips
Starting at $9.99
…employ high-output, power LED chips that emit brilliant wavelengths of light. Replicate the natural shimmering effect and rippling glow of the sun or moon even in hard to upgrade nano aquarium lighting systems. This LED works best as an accent in freshwater or marine aquariums.Sleek, low profile…
Coralife Aqualight HO T-5 Dual Lamp Aquarium Light Fixture
Starting at $99.99
…aquariums only.Included 10,000°K Daylight lamp casts sparkling bright white rays and provides high lumen output to simulate the midday tropical sun. Included Actinic Blue Light promotes photosynthesis in corals and live plants while enhancing the beauty and vibrant colors of aquarium…
Coralife Lunar Aqualight HO T5 Aquarium Light Fixture
Starting at $209.99
…aquariums only. Included 10,000°K Daylight lamp casts sparkling bright white rays and provides high lumen output to simulate the midday tropical sun. Included Actinic Blue Light promotes photosynthesis in corals and live plants while enhancing the beauty and vibrant colors of aquarium inhabitants.…
Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture
Starting at $89.99
…viewingCloud CoverE - A bright white sun light with rolling cloud cover through various color spectrumsF - More intense cloud cover, fading between white and blue color spectrumsG - A gentler, slower cloud cover fading between white and blue color spectrumsH - Bight sun light fading between white…
Milwaukee Instruments Seawater Digital Refractometer
Starting at $110
* Precision digital refractometer for marine aquariums at a great value * Measures & displays aquarium PSU, ppt or S.G. units in just seconds * Calibrates easily with de-ionized or distilled water to ensure precise aquarium testing Make routine salinity measurement in marine aquariums extremely…
Yup! Coral Décor Aquarium Decorations
Starting at $7.99
…Cactus Coral Large Pink Coral(mfg# 11012) 9-3/4" x 6-1/2" x 12-1/4" high Acropora Coral Large Orange Coral(mfg#11131) 7-1/4" x 5-3/4" x 3-1/4" high Sun Coral (closed) Benefits of Artificial Aquarium DecorationsAquascaping with artificial décor has many added benefits. They are durable and won't…
Aqueon ProFlex Sumps
Starting at $42.99
…and Gracilaria to grow free from the predatory effects of fish and larger invertebrates within the main aquarium.The microfauna consumes uneaten food and waste in the aquarium and recycles it back into a natural food source for fish and corals as they migrate downstream and back into the aquarium.…
Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights
Starting at $12.99
…strong coral and plant growth or enhance colors: 8,000°K Sun White - The perfect spectrum for freshwater planted aquariums or refugiums.--> 12,000°K Diamond White - Crisp white light excellent for enhancing colors in marine and freshwater fish. Provides bright, penetrating rays of shimmering light…
Coralife BioCube Replacement Bulbs
Starting at $19.99
…tropical sun. It contains rare-earth color enhancing phosphors to emit sparkling, blue-white rays. Actinic 03 Blue - 100% blue actinic 03 phosphor that peaks at 420 nanometersThe Actinic 03 Blue provides light in the 420 nanometer range that reflects color pigments in organisms such as corals, fish