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Sun Polyp

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Tube Coral, Yellow
(Tubastrea sp.)
Starting at $49.99
Daisy-bright beauty, gently swaying polyps, unique feeding habits and low light requirements make the Tubastrea Yellow Tube Coral a perfect LPS coral for the deepest zones of your reef aquarium. Also known as the Sun Polyp Coral, or Yellow Cup Coral, its genus name, Tubastraea, is derived from the…
Tube Coral, Orange
(Tubastrea aurea)
Starting at $69.99
…a symbiotic algae, so it must be fed vitamin-enriched brine shrimp or micro-plankton from an eye dropper directly to each one of its polyps. It will usually only expand its polyps in the evening or when it is hungry.Approximate Purchase Size: Small: 2" to 3"; Medium: 3" to 4"; Large: 4" to 5"
Colony Polyp, "Flaming Sun"
(Zoanthus sp.)
Starting at $49.99
polyp corals creates an impressive flush of color that is visually stimulating yet pleasantly harmonious. Over time, an established colony of Flaming Sun Zoanthus Colony Polyp will create an impressive living carpet of color reminiscent of a field of underwater wildflowers. The Zoanthus Colony Polyp
Tube Coral, Black
(Tubastrea micrantha)
Starting at $44.99
The Black Tube Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral, also referred to as the Branched Black Tube or Tubastrea Black Sun Coral. It is a very dark olive green to black colonial coral, markedly different than others within the species. It is often found on reef ledges or steep reef slopes in the…
Plate Coral, Long Tentacle
(Heliofungia actiniformis)
Starting at $49.99
The Long Tentacle Plate Coral is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral often referred to as a Heliofungia Plate, Mushroom, or Disk Coral. Its genus name, Heliofungia, was derived from the Latin words helios (sun) and fungus (mushroom), which describes its calcareous skeleton shape. With its long tentacles…
Red Sea Reef Energy A Coral Nutrition
Starting at $18.99
…the greatest energetic value after digestion necessary for growth and coloration of Soft, LPS, SPS and non-photosynthetic corals. Also stimulates polyp and soft tissue extension, helping corals optimize nutrient consumption by expanding surface area for absorption.Use Reef Energy A in conjunction…
Red Sea Reef Energy AB 2-Part Coral Nutrition
Starting at $15.99
…available for direct consumption and absorption. This easily digestible and highly nutritious Dissolved Organic Matter complex also stimulates polyp and soft tissue extension, helping corals optimize nutrient consumption by expanding surface area for absorption.Red Sea Reef Energy B Coral Nutrition…
Red Sea Reef Energy B Coral Nutrition
Starting at $18.99
…minutes afterwards. Leave gentle circulation in the aquarium at all times. Reef Energy should be added directly to the aquarium. For delicate corals (Sun Corals, Goniopora), give a mixture directly to the corals with a pipette. If you miss one or more days of using Reef Energy, do not add the amount…